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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Saints robbed by referees of touchdown on strip of Jared Goff

Sean Payton

The New Orleans Saints were once again robbed by the officials during their game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

Cameron Jordan recovered a fumble after Jared Goff was stripped on third down in New Orleans territory late in the second half, and the Saints defensive end had nothing but green grass between him and the end zone. He would have had a touchdown, but the officials blew the play dead.

Upon review, it was determined that Goff fumbled. The Saints retained possession, but they had to start their drive deep in their own territory since the play was blown dead. Officials are instructed to let things play out in situations like that, as they can always come back and reverse the call if it is determined that it was an incomplete pass.

Of course, the Saints were looking for revenge against the Rams after the officials cost them a trip to the Super Bowl with one of the most egregious pass interference non-calls in NFL history during the playoffs last year. Once again, they have every reason to be upset after coming out on the wrong end of a brutal officiating mistake.

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