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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Tom Brady kiss with son becomes controversy (video)

Tom Brady

Tom Brady does his best to avoid controversy, but he became a part of an unexpected one this week.

In a Facebook docu-series called “Tom vs. Time,” the New England Patriots quarterback is shown receiving a kiss on the lips from his 11-year-old son that some feel lingered for an uncomfortable amount of time.

The kiss happened after Brady’s son asked if he could check his fantasy football team. Brady asked what he gets in return, so his son gives him a kiss. Tom complains that the kiss was just a weak peck, so his son then plants a longer kiss on the lips:

Some feel the kiss went on too long. Others felt an 11-year-old kissing his dad on the lips was bad.

I say it’s much better to have a child be well-loved than the other way around.

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