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Monday, December 10, 2018

Woman says the Jets wearing pink for breast cancer awareness saved her life

Stories like that of a 34-year-old Staten Island woman named Tina make the NFL’s breast cancer awareness initiative in the month of October completely worthwhile. Over the past few weeks you have seen players, coaches and officials wearing pink cleats, pink hats, pink whistles, pink gloves and other pink accessories to raise awareness about the dangers of breast cancer. The following email, which was sent to the Jets community relations department, reminds us that the pink apparel is about much more than just raising money. It has also saved lives.

Last year October I was watching a Jets game and noticed the pink the team was wearing. I didn’t know why and asked my husband. He said it was for breast cancer awareness. That night for the first time ever I gave myself a self breast exam. You guys saved my life! I am a 34 year old mother of 3 and I was diagnosed 2 weeks later with breast cancer. The outcome had I not seen that game and the players wearing pink would have more than likely been tragic because the cancer had already started to spread and was making its way toward my lymph nodes. I just wanted to say thank you, and to let you know that your efforts in creating breast cancer awareness work. I am living proof. It is a year later and I am here and cancer free. I underwent chemo and radiation and I am here thanks to you.

Tina A, Staten Island

Now you know why we make a fuss when a youth football coach tells a player he can’t wear pink gloves or referees are punished for doing something like this. The fact that wearing pink gear literally saved a woman’s life makes the entire initiative worthwhile, and I’m sure there are other stories out there like Tina’s. Her story makes us feel even better about the month of October in the NFL.

H/T SbB Live

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