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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hilarious video of Maples Leafs fans taking selfie at game goes viral

Maple Leafs selfie

A hilarious video of two Toronto Maple Leafs fans taking a selfie at a game went viral on Sunday.

The Leafs lost at Pittsburgh 6-1 on Saturday. The game was televised on “Hockey Night in Canada,” and one clip during the broadcast showed these two fans taking a selfie. The change in facial expressions from the man in the photo was epic:

Could that guy have been putting on any more of a fake smile for the camera? He looked like every guy sick of taking a million selfies with his girl only to have her say just one was good.

The explanations for his demeanor actually make more sense — the two are said to be brother and sister, not boyfriend and girlfriend — and his team was down 6-1. Who would actually be happy taking a selfie with their team down 6-1? Still, that clip was fantastic.

UPDATE: The Leafs fan from the video has posted the famous selfie on Instagram – here it is!

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