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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Sidney Crosby has been wearing the same jock strap since midget hockey

Sidney Crosby

Professional athletes are known for being superstitious creatures, and that can lead to some disgusting habits. Sidney Crosby has one that may surprise — if not repulse — you.

Crosby was a guest on the “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast recently with former teammates Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette, and a discussion about when he finally updated his stick to the latest technology led to a mention of his jock strap. Apparently it is known among Crosby’s teammates that he has been wearing the same jock strap for years. How many years? At least 15 or so.

Midget hockey is for players aged 15-17, and Crosby is 32. He says he has made some alterations to the undergarment over the years, but that’s still downright shocking.

Crosby is apparently just old school, if you want to call it that. He doesn’t like change, which is why he also revealed that he used a wood blade stick for the first several seasons of his career until switching to a one-piece because they didn’t make his old one anymore. He scored 50 goals the year he made the change, so apparently he adjusted to it quickly. Perhaps he just doesn’t like the way they make new jock straps, either.

We’ve seen some weird requests for athletes in the past involving jock straps, so we can only imagine the ones Crosby is going to get after sharing that little piece of information.

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