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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Morning Paper: Stalking Coaches

When college basketball coaches stalk ex-girlfriends… [Signal to Noise]

Bidding Drew Gooden’s neckstache farewell [Tom Ziller at FanHouse]

Mandy Moore looking good at a movie premier [Just Jared]

The best Michael Vick photoshop job I’ve seen [Foul Balls]

It ain’t easy being a Bama fan these days [FanIQ]

How to spot a Buckeye fan from 1,000 feet away [Lion in Oil]

Tiger Woods‘ golf course will not allow golf carts [Deuce of Davenport]

Congratulations to hot head Bobby Cox [One More Dying Quail]

Christina Applegate is back on the market [Fatback and Collards]

Your Madden ’08 football review [Nyjer Please]

***6 Days Until Hayden Panettiere turns 18***

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