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Charles Barkley hints at when he may retire from television

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has been a mainstay on the television airwaves ever since he retired from the NBA in 2000. But now he is hinting at when he may ride off into the sunset altogether.

Barkley appeared this week on ESPN’s “The Paul Finebaum Show” and hinted at when he may bring down the curtains on his illustrious TV career.

“I made up this goal when I turn 60,” said Barkley. “I’m gonna get me a big ol’ fish bowl, put different countries in there, and spin it up. For one week a month, I’m gonna go to some place in the world that I’ve never been before. That’s always been a goal of mine. I can’t wait to try it. It’s just a game, but I wanna try it. I wanna see the whole world.

“I wanna be like John Madden,” added Barkley. “I thought John Madden was great at his job, but the one thing you don’t wanna do is stay on too long. I’m not comparing myself to John, I wanna make that clear. He’s the best to ever do it, and he left before his time was up. We all have to make this decision whether you’re a television announcer, radio announcer, or a jock … It’s better to leave early than late. You see some jocks out there, some guys on television like, ‘Are they wheeling him out there to do a broadcast?'”

The TNT “Inside the NBA” analyst Barkley is currently 58 and will turn 60 in Feb. 2023. When he does decide to retire from television, there will be no replacing Barkley, who is truly one-of-a-kind with his unfiltered and often times savage commentary.

Barkley recently had funny comments on how he avoids cancel culture. But it turns out that he could soon be cancelling himself in effect in order to travel the world and enjoy a true retirement.

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Photo: November 23, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Turner Sports sportscaster Charles Barkley before The Match: Tiger vs Phil golf match at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley shares advice for 76ers on what to do with Ben Simmons

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has been encouraging the Philadelphia 76ers to take a hard stance with Ben Simmons for months now, and the Hall of Famer is once again urging his former team show some moxie.

Barkley and TNT’s “NBA Tip-Off” crew discussed the latest in the ongoing saga between Simmons and the 76ers on Tuesday night. Barkley spoke about how the team has tried to work with Simmons and repeatedly gotten burned. He wants that to stop.

“They started off the season begging him to come back,” Barkley said. “They have massaged him, Shaq. They wanted to go see him, he said, ‘Don’t come see me.’ He came and acted like a jerk in practice. They wanted him back. … They’ve bent over backwards to kiss this dude’s a–. Now it’s time to start kicking his a–. There’s only two — you kick somebody’s a– or you kick their a–. It’s time they start kicking his a–.”

What Barkley failed to mention is that the Sixers never begged Simmons to come back because they actually want him on the team. In reality, they have been trying to get him to play nice to help facilitate a trade. Either way, Barkley is right that Simmons has essentially kept giving the team the finger.

Simmons says he is battling mental health issues and not ready to play. The 76ers accepted that, even though a lot of people think Simmons is merely exploiting a loophole in the collective bargaining agreement. The team then offered Simmons services to deal with his issues, but he did not cooperate. They resumed fining him at that point, and Simmons suddenly showed a willingness to work with the Sixers on one key issue.

The 76ers are trying to balance how to play hard ball with Simmons while also working toward a trade. We know where Barkley stands on all of the drama, but Daryl Morey is determined to be patient.

Charles Barkley shares how he avoids cancel culture

Charles Barkley on the phone

Cancel culture has come after many high-profile people who have done or said bad things in the past. But despite angering the mob here and there and sharing non-politically correct opinions, Charles Barkley has kept his job at TNT.

Why? Largely because Barkley is an irreplaceable personality who combines humor, edginess and fearlessness unlike anyone else in sports broadcasting. But also because Barkley knows what to do and what not to do.

Chuck and his “The Steam Room” co-host Ernie Johnson were talking during a recent episode of the show about social media and cancellations. Barkley said that social media and email stuff has “reared its ugly head” again (around 38:30 in the episode).

Barkley then shared his secrets.

The way Barkley avoids problems is he doesn’t put things in writing. Instead, he talks behind peoples’ backs the old-fashioned way!

“To all you idiots, fools, and jackasses out there, it’s alright to talk bad about people. We all do it. But we don’t leave a paper trail. I talk bad about people the old-fashioned way – behind their back. I don’t put it in writing,” Barkley said.

Chuck said that when he has something bad to say about his “Inside the NBA” co-hosts, he does it while enjoying beers with some friends.

The people with impossible standards will say nobody should ever say anything bad about anyone ever. Those expectations are completely unrealistic. Instead, Chuck believes the key is not getting caught by not having a paper trail. It’s that easy!

It also helps that Barkley refuses to be on Twitter and that he says he doesn’t even know how to initiate an email.

Though he has avoided cancellation, Barkley has said recently that cancel culture has negatively affected his TV show.

Photo: Norm Duve American Century Championship

Charles Barkley had funniest roast of Zion Williamson

Charles Barkley

There is no roast quite like when Charles Barkley is the roastmaster.

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew reacted on Tuesday to the recent viral video of Zion Williamson working out before a game while looking extremely hefty. Barkley offered a hilarious quip about the video. He said that Williamson “looks like me and Shaq had a baby.” Take a look at the funny clip.

Williamson remains sidelined after undergoing foot surgery in the summer. His weight has long been a topic of conversation, and one of his former teammates recently even said that Williamson needs to get in better shape.

For Barkley and Shaq, they were listed at 252 and 325 pounds respectively during their playing careers. When you hear how much Williamson allegedly weighs now, you will see why Barkley’s comparison was an apt one.

Photo: November 23, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Turner Sports sportscaster Charles Barkley before The Match: Tiger vs Phil golf match at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Charles Barkley mocks Anthony Davis, Lakers

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley coined a harsh nickname for Anthony Davis when the Los Angeles Lakers star was sidelined with a variety of injuries last season, and the Hall of Famer is making sure it sticks.

The Lakers lost their season opener to the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. Barkley was highly critical of LeBron James and company, saying they are horrible defensively and mocking them over the age of their roster

Davis looked healthy in the Lakers’ 121-114 loss. He played 39 minutes (the most of any player on either team) and had 33 points and 11 rebounds. Barkley remains skeptical that Davis can stay on the floor, however. He once again called the All-Star big man “Street Clothes.”

Barkley started calling Davis “Street Clothes” last year as a reference to him not suiting up for many games. Sir Charles then played both sides when he criticized the Lakers for allowing Davis to play through an injury. Davis probably felt pressured to play because of commentary like Barkley’s.

The Lakers have heard all of the talk about them being too old to contend, and they are clearly going to try to use it as motivation. Barkley will likely be on their bulletin board all season.

Look: Charles Barkley has amazing reaction to Kenny Smith defending Kyrie

Charles Barkley reaction face

Doc Rivers may be the NBA’s king of flabbergasted reactions. But Charles Barkley appears to be coming for his throne.

As the new NBA season tipped off on Tuesday, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew gave their takes on the Kyrie Irving-Brooklyn Nets situation. Barkley’s co-host, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, defended Irving, saying that he understood the All-Star guard’s choice to remain unvaccinated as long Irving was willing to accept the consequences. The camera then panned to Barkley, who delivered a priceless reaction by staring blankly into the void as Smith spoke. Take a look:

Needless to say, Barkley was of the exact opposite opinion. After Smith was done, Barkley proceeded to skewer Irving, saying, “You don’t get the vaccine for yourself. You get it for other people.” He also said that Irving should not be getting paid $17 million this season to sit at home and blasted the recent comparisons of Irving to the late Muhammad Ali.

The Nets tipped off the season against the Milwaukee Bucks without Irving, losing by the lopsided final score of 127-104. The team has decided not to accommodate Irving, who is ineligible to play in home games, as a part-time player this season. That means that Brooklyn could be without Irving for the entire year unless he suddenly decides to get vaccinated.

The outspoken Barkley clearly does not agree with the way that Irving is handling his business here. This is also far from the first time that Barkley has gone in on the former No. 1 overall pick on national television.

Charles Barkley shares whether Larry Bird could play in NFL

Larry Bird

Larry Bird was one of the greatest NBA players of all time, but he wouldn’t make much of a football player, at least according to Charles Barkley.

Barkley joined Peyton and Eli Manning on Monday night for their “Monday Night Football” broadcast. Peyton asked Barkley what position a few NBA players would play in the NFL.

Barkley suggested Michael Jordan could play tight end. Then when asked what position Bird would play, Barkley cracked that there is no place for a slow, 6-foot-10 player in the NFL.

Yeah, maybe if Bird could punt he could make it. Or maybe a 6-foot-10 guy could be a kick blocker specialist.

Maybe the best place for Bird would actually have been in the broadcasting booth given how legendary his trash talk was.

Charles Barkley, Shaq have harsh criticism for Ben Simmons

Shaquille O'Neal

The relationship between Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers has deteriorated to the point of no return, and Simmons almost certainly believes the team is responsible for that. It is safe to say Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal disagree.

Barkley and O’Neal shared their thoughts on the Simmons situation during the latest episode of “The Big Podcast with Shaq.” Barkley, a former 76er, began by saying he is “disappointed” in Simmons.

“When you give somebody $200 million to dribble a stupid basketball and the only thing you asked him is to be better as a player, and their first response is, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore.’ That disappoints me as a player and disappoints me as a fan,” Barkley said.

That criticism was nothing compared to the way Shaq blasted Simmons. The four-time NBA champion bluntly stated that Simmons is “not that good” and said he has to work on his game to reach the next level.

“Don’t be putting pictures on Instagram of your Ferrari or what actresses you’re hanging around with,” Shaq said. “When you play for a town like Philadelphia, Boston, L.A., Miami, hard-working towns, they don’t give a s— about none of that. They want you to come, work hard and play hard.”

Shaq then ripped Simmons for the way he played against the Atlanta Hawks in the postseason.

“I was at that Game 6 when that man didn’t even look at the basket,” he added. “I know the first thing as a player I do is look in a player’s eyes. That man was out there terrified. Not terrified of playing, but terrified of being fouled and missing free throws.”

You can hear more of the criticism from Barkley and Shaq below:

This isn’t the first time Barkley and Shaq have ripped on Simmons. Barkley recently said he hopes the 76ers take a stand against trading Simmons where he wants to go. Shaq has been much more animated, especially when he blasted the former top overall pick during the playoffs.

Charles Barkley hopes 76ers show ‘stones’ with Ben Simmons situation

Charles Barkley

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers clearly want to part ways this offseason, but Charles Barkley is hoping his former team bucks the recent trend of allowing star players to dictate where they are traded.

Barkley discussed the Simmons situation during an appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic’s “The Mike Missanelli Show” this week. He mentioned how Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, has a history of forcing teams to trade his clients to specific destinations.

“You know how that group (Rich Paul and Klutch Sports) works. They try to trade their players to where they want to (play),” Barkley said. “With Anthony Davis, they had better deals from Boston and maybe even New York and they’re like, ‘No, he’s gonna go to L.A. and play with LeBron or he’s not gonna play.’ They just bully the league.”

Barkley said he hopes the 76ers will show “some stones” and get the best possible return for Simmons, even if it comes from a team that the former first round pick isn’t fond of.

“At some point, a team in the league has got to stand up and say, ‘Wait a minute, I paid your guy. You can’t bully me to trade him and me take some trash back,'” Barkley said of Paul. “I’m hoping somebody in the Sixers organization has got some stones.”

For what it’s worth, Simmons reportedly wants out of Philly so badly that he is willing to play for any other team. Paul is said to be angry with the Sixers over the way they’ve handled some of his clients. Barkley clearly doesn’t think the team should care.

Charles Barkley shares which NBA team had best offseason

Charles Barkley

There was a ton of movement this NBA offseason, with players being traded and signing with new teams. The Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks are among the teams that made several moves. But one team’s offseason stood above the others, according to Charles Barkley.

Barkley was a guest on “Waddle and Silvy” on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. During the interview, Barkley shared that he felt the Bulls had the best offseason. He also expects them to make the NBA playoffs.

“I’ll be totally shocked if they don’t make the playoffs. And I’m not just saying this … I think it’s fair to say the Chicago Bulls have had the best offseason in the NBA,” Barkley said.

The Bulls surprised this summer. They added DeMar DeRozan in a sign-and-trade. They signed Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso. Don’t forget, they also made a big move at the trade deadline by acquiring Nikola Vucevic too. Between all their new players, they will be much improved entering 2021-2022.

Barkley has really been on a roll with his predictions, so maybe we shouldn’t doubt his analysis here.