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Daniel Bryan medically cleared to return to WWE

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has not wrestled in the WWE in nearly three years, and it seemed all but certain that his career inside the ring was over when he retired due to concussions in February 2016. But now, the door is officially open for the fan favorite to return.

WWE officials confirmed to Brian Campbell of CBS Sports on Tuesday that Bryan has been medically cleared to wrestle. The 36-year-old has been cleared by three outside neurosurgeons, neurologists and concussion experts in addition to WWE medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon.

Bryan has hinted at a return on numerous occasions, even saying that he would look to wrestle elsewhere when his WWE contract expires in September if the organization still would not clear him after outside doctors did. He has been serving as the on-screen general manager for SmackDown Live, and there are already rumblings that his first match back could be at WrestleMania 34 on April 8.

Bryan fought back tears during an emotional speech when he retired three years ago. He spoke about the toll concussions have taken on his body and said he planned to start a family with his wife, WWE superstar Brie Bella. In a recent interview with The National, Bryan expressed frustration with the WWE for not clearing him.

“I have done everything in my power. Everything they have asked me to and I have gone above and beyond as far as ‘Okay, what doctors do you need me to see. Send me to any doctor you want, any doctor that you want and lets get their feedback on what is going on with me,'” he said. “So far every doctor has cleared me that they have sent me too and so there is a chance. I used to think that the percentage of the WWE ever clearing me was low. I think with the stuff that I have done it has gone a little higher but I don’t know how much higher.”

You could tell how much of a beloved WWE icon Bryan was with the way fans reacted during his retirement speech, so talk of his return should be overwhelmingly positive.

Daniel Bryan cut off his long hair for charity

Daniel Bryan hair

Daniel Bryan had two surprises for his fans on Monday. One, he announced on “RAW” his retirement from wrestling in a sincere, emotional speech. Two, he showed off a new look that included shorter hair and a more trimmed beard.

The popular WWE figure and leader of the YES! Movement stated on social media that he donated his hair to a Wigs for Kids charity, which provides wigs for children who have lost their hair.

“The people at are doing great work and cutting my hair never felt more meaningful. Find out how you can help at #grateful,” he wrote on Instagram.

He also discussed his trimmed look.

“But now, it is time for me to address the giant elephant in the room,” Bryan said to his fans via Uproxx. “I know, I didn’t want to shave my beard either, but the thing is that I wanted to cut my hair, and once I cut my hair, I looked really silly with this giant beard. And this is just my one cheap plug. It’s that I cut my hair for an organization called Wigs for Kids, and one of the nice things about them is that they make wigs for kids who have had cancer and they don’t charge the families at all for that, so if there is anything worthwhile that comes out of what I’m saying tonight, that’s it right there.”

That’s a pretty awesome move by Bryan but it’s hardly surprising given how thoughtful he is. If you missed his speech from Monday, you should check it out here.

Daniel Bryan retires because of concussions

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan announced his shocking retirement from the world of professional wrestling on Monday, and he later explained on RAW that the medical issues he’s dealing with have to do with concussions.

Speaking to a packed house of his hometown fans at KEY Arena in Seattle, the Washington native said he underwent tests recently that showed he shouldn’t be wrestling anymore.

An emotional Bryan told his fans and viewers that he began wrestling at 18 and suffered three concussions in his first five months in the sport. He then got them here and there as he continued to wrestle.

“When you’ve been wrestling for 16 years, it adds up to a lot of concussions,” Bryan told the crowd on RAW. “And it gets to a point where they tell you you can’t wrestle anymore. For a long time I fought that because I have loved this in a way that I have never loved anything else.”

Bryan was choked up and fighting back tears throughout most of his speech.

“A week and a half ago I took a test that said maybe my brain isn’t as OK as I thought it was. I have a family to think about. And it is with a heavy heart and the utmost sadness that I officially announce my retirement.”

Bryan did say he had plans to start a family and have kids with his wife, Brie Bella, an announcement that drew a roar from the crowd.

Bryan mentioned multiple times how grateful he was for the fans, and he closed things out with a huge YES! chant.

Bryan is a lovable wrestler and his YES! movement is one of the most fun gimmicks the sport has seen. He will be greatly missed.

Daniel Bryan stopped burglar at his home with rear naked choke

Daniel Bryan Brie Bella

Daniel Bryan is the people’s champion for good reason: he is a badass.

Bryan thwarted a robbery attempt at his home by chasing away two burglars on Thursday and catching one of them.

Bryan and wife Brie Bella were coming home after Brie picked her husband up from the airport. Upon arriving at their home, they saw a door open inside and were concerned. Brie went inside to check on their dog, Josie, while Bryan spotted the men trying to flee out the back door and chased them. He successfully caught up to them and subdued one of the burglars — 22-year-old Cesar Sosa — using a rear naked choke hold.

“Fortunately he wasn’t in very good shape, so it didn’t take much. I put him in a rear naked choke. I didn’t want to hurt him, I just wanted to make sure he was subdued until the police could come,” Bryan said. “It took zero effort to take him down. Zero effort to put him in a rear naked choke.”

Sosa also had a felony warrant for burglary and kidnapping.

Bryan also says a neighbor called the police to report suspicious activity around the time of the robbery attempt.

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“I got really angry at first,” Bryan said at a press conference. “You’d rather they steal your car than break into your home where it’s an invasion.”

Did the burglar recognize Bryan?

“I don’t think he’s a wrestling fan, no.

“We consider ourselves, given the circumstances, very fortunate people.”

Photo: Twitter/Daniel Bryan

Tim Lincecum leads Daniel Bryan ‘YES’ chant after no-hitter (Video)

Tim Lincecum is full of charisma, and all of his unique personality shined through following his no-hitter against the Padres Wednesday.

Lincecum was handed a “Gladiator” mask by one of his teammates inside the San Francisco Giants’ clubhouse and put it on. The mask coupled with his US men’s soccer team jersey gave him a funny look, but all of that was quickly forgotten once he led his team in the Daniel Bryan “YES” chant.

Tim Lincecum YES

From Michigan State football to the Giants, it seems like everyone is doing the chant of the popular WWE wrestler these days. Then again, let’s not forget that Hunter Pence showed us last month that the “YES” chant is nothing new the Giants.

It was also cool seeing manager Bruce Bochy lead the team in a toast to Lincecum and thank Big Time Timmy Jim for sparing him when it came to the pitch count. That sure as heck made life easy on him when it came to letting Timmy finish the game.

Hunter Pence, Giants do Daniel Bryan ‘YES!’ chant (Video)

Hunter-Pence-yes-chantHunter Pence and the San Francisco Giants are apparently fans of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. Pence launched a two-run homer in the first inning against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday and paid tribute to the people’s champion as he was heading into the dugout.

Pence was met at the top step by outfielder Michael Morse, and the two raised their arms to the sky and chanted “YES! YES! YES!”

Plenty of MLB players are big WWE fans, as Josh Reddick reminded us last month when he honored the late Ultimate Warrior during an interview. Bryan recently announced that he will miss a minimum of 6-8 weeks with a neck injury, but he said he is confident the “YES!” movement will remain as strong as ever when he returns. Pence and company are going to make sure of that.

Video via Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

Daniel Bryan blames tombstones from Kane on neck injury (Video)

Daniel Bryan WWEDaniel Bryan announced on Monday’s RAW that he needs neck surgery and will be undergoing the procedure on Thursday. The people’s champion and leader of the “YES!” movement told the crowd about the news and played himself against some of the heels, like Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane. He even blamed some tombstones from Kane last month on the neck injury, though that was likely just part of the storyline.

“Kane came out and he tombstoned me on the floor. He tombstoned me on the steel steps. He tombstoned me on the announcing table. Because of that, I was in a neck brace,” Bryan said while addressing the RAW crowd.

Bryan will likely be out 6-8 weeks at minimum. LBS wrestling insider Arsen D. believes Bryan just wore out from all the wrestling he’s done over the past years, including multiple two-a-days. He also believes Bryan’s flying headbutt played a role in the injury.

Bryan will be missed, but there is no doubt about whether he and the YES! movement will be back.

Fans chant for CM Punk during Randy Orton speech (Video)

CM PunkFans attending Raw on Monday night expressed their unhappiness over CM Punk leaving the organization last week. While Randy Orton was speaking prior to his match with Daniel Bryan, the fans began to chant for CM Punk.

CM Punk left WWE last week for a few reasons. One, he probably needed some time away to rest and recover after touring with the organization. Two, he probably felt disrespected, especially with part-timers main-eventing and Batista winning the Royal Rumble. Or three, this could just be a storyline put out by WWE.

Whatever the case, you can tell fans are disappointed that Punk’s not around, because they chanted for him while Orton was talking and also during the main event between Orton and Daniel Bryan. Bryan won the match to spark a bunch of “YES!” chants, like always.

H/T Arsen D.

Michigan State football team leads fans in Daniel Bryan YES chant (Video)

It was quite the scene in East Lansing on Tuesday night when the entire crowd at the Breslin Center broke out in the Daniel Bryan “Yes” chant during halftime.

The chant was led by the Michigan State football team (specifically guard Travis Jackson), which is coming off a huge Rose Bowl victory over Stanford on New Year’s.

Daniel Bryan is a WWE wrestler, and one of his signature moves is the “Yes! lock.” He also has developed the YES chant as his signature gimmick. In the video above, you can see Jackson lead the fans in the chant. Throughout the game, Michigan State students did the “YES!” chant to try distracting Ohio State at the free-throw line. Here they did it in the second half:

The students also did it in the first half:

There actually is a lot of history with Michigan State doing the Yes! chant.