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Marcus Vick arrested, charges include assaulting police officer


Marcus Vick, the younger brother of NFL quarterback Michael Vick, was arrested over the weekend and charged with assault on a police officer among other offenses.

According to court records obtained by WTKR in Virginia, Newport News Police say Vick had a warrant out for his arrest stemming from a contempt of court charge in a different county. When police approached him to take him into custody on Sunday, Vick pushed an officer into a counter top and tried to run off.

The former Virginia Tech star was charged with assault and battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, destruction of property and obstruction of justice.

Vick has been in trouble with the law before, most recently when he was arrested for driving while under the influence in 2013. Sports fans may be most familiar with the younger Vick for the infamous tweets he has sent criticizing his brother’s teammates and coaches. Marcus even criticized Michael when Michael was with the Jets back in 2014.

Marcus Vick critical of brother Michael Vick


Marcus Vick has a reputation for saying some incredibly dumb things on Twitter, but at least he tried his best to be objective on Sunday. Rather than focusing on the New York Jets coaching staff or criticizing the team’s wide receivers, Marcus actually said something negative about his older brother Michael.

He meant “easy” throws, of course. Michael Vick took over for Geno Smith on Sunday after Smith threw three first-quarter interceptions. The 34-year-old veteran was hardly an improvement, as he threw a pick of his own and lost two fumbles.

But don’t worry, Marcus still made excuses for his bro.

Vick could very well draw the start against the Kansas City Chiefs next week. He’d be wise to prepare in practice this week like he is going to be the starter — something he admitted he failed to do the first time Smith was benched this season.

Marcus Vick criticizes Jets wide receivers


Don’t worry, everyone — Marcus Vick still has a Twitter account. Vick was excited to see his older brother Michael take over for Geno Smith on Sunday, but the happy times lasted just a few minutes before Marcus turned his attention to New York’s offensive inefficiencies.

The No. 17 Vick referred to would be wide receiver Greg Salas. The Jets looked just as bad with Michael Vick at quarterback as they did with Smith. Neither passer is particularly accurate and the Jets’ lack of talent certainly doesn’t help. Marcus also thinks big bro hasn’t had enough reps in practice.

Marcus Vick’s criticism of the Jets was pretty mild by his standards, considering some of the mind-boggling rants we have heard from him in the past. I wonder what he thinks about Rex Ryan announcing that Smith is still going to start against the Denver Broncos next week. Marcus has to have an opinion on that.

H/T Complex Sports

Marcus Vick just learns about Adrian Peterson child abuse case, admits he needs to ‘goggle’ story

Marcus VickMarcus Vick isn’t exactly Mr. Current Events, that’s for sure.

Vick, the younger and more troubled (as hard as that is to believe) brother of Jets backup quarterback Michael Vick, went on Twitter Sunday and was incredulous that Adrian Peterson was not playing for the Vikings against the Patriots. That’s because Marcus had no clue that Peterson had been indicted on charges for injuring his child.

Here’s how the tale unfolded on Twitter:

Then when someone told him he was stupid for saying a child abuser should play, Vick responded by saying “bulls—.”

Look at how shocked he was to learn about Peterson’s child injury charges.

Vick realized people weren’t joking and that he should probably research the matter.

Once he got caught up, Vick decided he was ready to weigh-in with his opinion:

Here, Marcus, let me spare you a click: just read this.

H/T Deadspin

Marcus Vick can’t wait to bash Eagles fans

Marcus VickNow that Michael Vick has signed with the New York Jets, it is probably safe to assume it’s only a matter of time before Jets fans are annoyed with his brother Marcus Vick. Marcus loves creating awkwardness for Mike by bashing the veteran quarterback’s coaches and teammates. He seemed to particularly enjoy ripping on Philadelphia Eagles fans, and he’s not going to stop doing that.

After Mike signed with the Jets on Friday, Marcus took to Twitter to assure Eagles fans that he will be intensifying his trash talking efforts now that his brother no longer plays for Philly.

No one will really care, but wait until Rex Ryan decides to start Geno Smith over Mike. I’m sure Marcus already has plenty of insults he is waiting to unload on Rex. Don’t be surprised if Mike ends up apologizing on his brother’s behalf at some point during his Jets career.

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Marcus Vick claimed he was racially profiled for his DUI arrest?

Marcus VickSince it occurred around New Year’s, you may have missed that Marcus Vick was arrested (again).

Vick, the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, was arrested on a DUI charge early Monday morning. Police in Forsyth County said he was pulled over for driving with expired registration. He did not have a driver’s license on him, and officers smelled marijuana on his breath.

The Forsyth News reports that Vick and his passenger admitted to police that they smoked some weed before leaving the house.

Vick agreed to a blood test and was later booked in jail. He was charged with DUI-drugs, no license and expired registration, per the Forsyth News. He was released later that night after posting bond.

Given Marcus’ history of creating problems and getting in legal trouble, you think that he would just own it and admit his mistakes. But that’s not how Marcus rolls.

The same night he was released from jail, Marcus sent this tweet indicating he felt he was racially profiled for driving a fancy car when he was pulled over:

Marcus Vick twitter

Class act as always, that Marcus Vick. Hey Marcus, here’s an idea: don’t smoke weed before you drive, get updated registration, and carry your license, and then you won’t have problems! Don’t blame others, blame yourself.

H/T Crossing Broad

Marcus Vick on Twitter rips Eagles fans

Marcus VickMarcus Vick went on another one of his Twitter rants on Sunday while watching the Philadelphia Eagles get shut out by the Dallas Cowboys at home. Vick’s brother, Michael, was declared inactive by the team because of a hamstring injury. Nick Foles had been playing well in Mike’s place until Sunday. Vick called out the team’s offense for being boring without Mike and ripped Eagles fans for wanting Foles to start.

Here’s what Marcus wrote in a series of tweets:


Marcus Vick claims he was hacked, deletes Twitter

Marcus VickMarcus Vick stirred up a controversy on Twitter, and again he’s trying to use the excuse that he was hacked.

Marcus Vick, who is the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, offered a $1,000 bounty to a defensive player to light up Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper with a hit. Cooper drew headlines on Wednesday when video emerged of him using a despicable racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert.

[Video: Riley Cooper drops n-bomb at Kenny Chesney concert]

After Marcus’ comments went viral, he tried to backtrack.

“My page was hacked!” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Not even the biggest Vick fan in the world was buying that line. But then Vick said he was going to delete his Twitter:

Vick hasn’t deleted his account yet, but he should probably consider it. After all, look at all the times it’s gotten him in trouble:

Michael Vick forgives Riley Cooper, disagrees with Marcus

Michael VickMichael Vick forgives his Philadelphia Eagles teammate Riley Cooper for using a racist slur while at a Kenny Chesney concert. He also says he disagrees with the harsh words of his brother, Marcus, who wanted to put a bounty on Cooper.

Cooper was fined $1,000 by the team for his comments, and he quickly apologized after video of his slur went viral on Wednesday. Cooper also apparently came to his teammates and apologized to them.

Vick told reporters that Cooper apologized to them and that there was an open dialogue among the team after his apology. He said he forgave Cooper and that he disagrees with what his brother tweeted.

[Video: Riley Cooper uses racial slur at Kenny Chesney concert]

“We all make mistakes in life… As a teammate, I forgave him,” Vick told reporters.

“My brother has to not show a certain level of ignorance himself,” Mike said of brother Marcus, via the LA Times’ Sam Farmer.

Vick also tweeted the following note:

Though Vick forgives Cooper, others may not be so quick to forgive. According to Jeff McLane of the Philly Inquirer, wide receiver Jason Avant said that although some already have forgiven Cooper, it may take a while before others do.

Who figured that in all this mess, it would be Michael Vick coming across as the most mature individual?

Photo: Twitter/Jeff McLane

Marcus Vick rips Riley Cooper, offers $1K bounty for safety to light him up

Riley-Cooper-Kenny-Chesney-concertIf there was a list of washed-up athletes who need to get off Twitter, Marcus Vick would be at the top of it. Marcus, who is the younger brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, is known for tweeting incredibly dumb stuff and putting his brother in uncomfortable situations because of it. He was back at it again on Thursday afternoon, albeit with an interesting twist.

After catching wind of the racist remark Riley Cooper made at a Kenny Chesney concert earlier this summer (video here), Marcus took to Twitter to offer $1,000 to the first NFL safety who lights the Eagles receiver up this season.

Vick also called Cooper a bunch of four-letter words that we blurred out for our PG audience: