A-Rod Hits No. 600

Personally, I don’t care one bit. Alex Rodriguez is a steroid user who loves himself, has terrible taste in women, and misses team photos. However, some of you may care and this took me all of 35 seconds to post. So here’s the video of A-Rod’s 600th career home run, courtesy of YouTube user Monisrocks1995:

Video Credit: YouTube user Monisrocks1995

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  • Gene

    I disagree about his taste in women, except for Madonna, where I totally agree with you.

    I still rate A-Rod well above Bonds, because at least he admitted to it. Bonds not only will not come clean, but he is obstructing justice by paying his trainer off to sit in jail so that he doesn’t have to testify against him. He is the worst of all of them.

  • SpinMax

    I care