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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Angels Fan Mike Langdon Ends Up in Arte Moreno’s Suite By Mistake

Every once in a while we hear a classic tale from the ballpark that only comes along — as cliche as it may sound — once in a lifetime.  This past Saturday, the script for one of those tales was written for longtime Angels fan and former season-ticket holder Mike Langdon.

The 50-year-old Langdon was invited by his buddy, Brad Stanfield, to attend the Angels-Yankees game and live in luxury with a donated suite that the Fellowship of Christian Athletes — an organization for which Stanfield is a mentor — had purchased.  Langdon and Stanfield certainly got to experience the luxury, but never would they have imagined it would come in the form of the owner’s suite.

According to the story in the Orange County Register via SI Hot Clicks, Langdon went to the will-call window prior to Saturday night’s 6 p.m. game and received an envelope with the words “Owners Suite” on it that contained two tickets.  He was then escorted to a private elevator and up to Arte Moreno’s Owner’s Suite, which Langdon described as being the “size of a condominium and nicely decorated.”  When Moreno himself approached the dry-mouthed Langdon, introduced himself and said, “you must be Mark’s friend,” Langdon nervously nodded in his state of panic.

Turns out “Mark” was referring to former Angels pitcher and four-time All-Star Mark Langston, who was supposed to join Moreno in his suite for the game.  See where they mixed things up?  When the panic-stricken Langdon went into the restroom, came back out, and explained to Moreno that he should not be there, Moreno offered him a beer and invited Stanfield up to the box to enjoy the game with them.

The real Langston eventually showed up thinking the game was supposed to start at 7 p.m.  As if Langdon and Stanfield’s night hadn’t already turned into enough of a fairy tale, in walked Yankee Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson who also joined the group for the game and talked baseball with the boys.  Unfortunately, mistakes happen.  Correction: fortunately, mistakes happen, though this time it worked out a little better than the last time the Angels messed up someone’s name.

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