Colin Cowherd insinuates that David Ortiz is using steroids

David-Ortiz-Against-One-Game-PlayoffWhat David Ortiz has accomplished through the first five games of the 2013 World Series is nothing shy of incredible. The 37-year-old slugger has carried the Boston Red Sox to a 3-2 series lead over the St. Louis Cardinals by going 11-for-15 from the plate (a .733 average), belting two homers and driving in six runs. He has reached base 15 out of 20 times he has strolled to the plate.

The Cardinals have not been able to get Big Papi out, and ESPN’s Colin Cowherd thinks he knows why. During the opening segment of his show on Wednesday, Cowherd basically said he believes Ortiz is currently using performance-enhancing drugs.

“David Ortiz, who was shot two years ago, is now Babe Ruth,” Cowherd said. “That’s a great story. And I don’t want to get in the way of that great story because it will make people really, really mad. … Last time I saw a guy like this it was Barry Bonds. But sports is about storytelling and hero worship and cool nicknames and fanaticism. Fans get mad when you derail that.”

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Ortiz’s power numbers have remained relatively consistent throughout his career with the Red Sox, but his .309 average this season was tied for the second-highest of his career for any season in which he appeared in at least 100 games. A historically slow starter, Ortiz came out of the gate red hot in 2013. In fact, a local sports writer insinuated back in May that Papi must be juicing.

“When it’s too good to be true, it is,” Cowherd continued. “Here was a guy in May of 2009, batting .222 with a slugging percentage of .300, no injuries, couldn’t hit. The Red Sox as a team are hitting about .190 (in the World Series). He’s hitting .800 against pitchers he didn’t face all year. … Significantly better today than several years ago. Interesting story. The story of David Ortiz hitting .733 — about as believable as Big Foot.”

We all know Ortiz’s name appeared on a list of players who allegedly tested positive for PEDs back in 2003. His excuse for what caused his name to appear on that list was lame. That was also 10 years ago.

Could Ortiz be using some sort of banned substance? Of course he could. The Ryan Brauns and Nelson Cruzs of the world have taught us we can never be certain. He could also be clean (at least now) and simply having one of the best hot streaks of his career at the perfect time. As baseball fans, we want to believe Ortiz would have been caught like everyone else earlier this year if he was cheating. I agree with Cowherd on that front. I don’t want to agree with him on the rest. Maybe I’m naive.

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  • Bob Schnier

    He’s guilty, easy to see.

  • Laz

    His 2-22 in the ALCS must have just been to throw everyone off his trail then, right?

  • Peter Naiman

    Mr. Delvecchio,

    Why as a professional sportswriter can’t you do simple research and post correct information. David Ortiz hit .332 in 2007 while playing close to 150 games, and you avoided adding that Ortiz was hitting .318 when he went down with injury after only 90 games in 2012. Very poorly researched article.

    Peter Naiman

  • Peter Naiman

    Like you are guilty of making rash judgements when you know a big zero. If he is guilty as you say how do you explain his 2/20 in the ALCS. Big fools like you come in all sizes.

  • Trail Boss

    When Ted Williams was 38 he hit .388 with 38 home runs, he probably wasn’t juicing. Why is unheard of that someone might be able to hit .319 with 30 home runs at 37?

  • Andre Black

    “David Ortiz, who was shot two years ago, is now Babe Ruth,” Cowherd said. REALLY? In 2011, Ortiz finished the season with 29 home runs and 96 RBIs while batting .309. Cowherd…self-promotional bore, full of bovine waste product per usual.

  • Brie Becket

    Silly journalism. What’s PED’s got to do with his essentially, incredible sense of where the ball [asses the plate.. In any sport you can get better with practice. You can develop a better swing. Yup, in any sport. Even average players will hit a LOT of home runs if they could see the ball like Ortiz. Well, Mr. Ortiz has that gift, he’s grown that talent, and clearly was in flow during this Series. Now all the loosing playoff teams across the country have journalists whining about it. Well I’m from Cleveland where we really have something to whine about and it’s not David Ortiz. So, sore, regretful, whining losers … move on, wlll ya?

  • Greg

    It is easy to see that Ortiz is using something. It’s not like he hasn’t used before. I refuse to watch this fraudulent product. The oldest guy on the field performing better than anyone else…please. We know that players don’t get better as they get older yet his numbers are the same or better as they were in his prime years. We’ve been there and done that and everyone knows that only happens when somebody is using an illegal substance. I believe several players on that team were using an illegal substance, including the pitchers.

  • Greg

    I mean think about it, journalists in his own city accused him of it. That never happens but that just shows how easy it is to see if you take the red and white blinders off. And the blinders of higher ratings too.

  • Jack Burton

    You have to be really stupid or just in denial like Obama supporters to believe Ortiz is clean. Think of all the great young players who didn’t have years like this. There are better players than Ortiz who are 27 not putting up numbers he is at 37. He’s a joke and the fact the media has no testicles to bring it up is really pathetic. We have no real journalists left in this country. Everyones afraid to offend someone or lose access to information if they accuse someone based on common sense. The media is dead in this country. Bunch of fake news people who want to remain in the loop so that trumps basic questions that would answer baseball’s biggest problem. How are these guys still cheating without resistance?

  • Purist

    I thoroughly agree with the last comment. As far as I’m concerned the last time the Red Sox legitimately won a title was in 1918. As a baseball purist, the game has become a joke since the late 90’s. Bud Selig, the puppet commissioner, earns $18/mil a year to go along with MLB terrible drug policy. If you believe Ortiz is clean I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn…..

  • purple

    All the lies and greed killed baseball; it’s a regional sport not much above hockey now. All on Selig’s watch. The ratings will only continue to plummet because it’s simply not relevant to a huge swath of young people.

    And comparing Ortiz to Ted Williams is just inane.

  • Jeremy

    That’s because ORtiz is a steroid user, his name was on the sam damn list that was leaked which had A-RODS name on it. Red Sox fans live in denial and are hypocrites.

  • EarleJoey

    “We know that players don’t get better as they get older yet his numbers are the same or better as they were in his prime years.” They’re actually *not* better. Like most baseball players, Ortiz hit his prime from age 28 to 31. Compare his numbers from then to the past six or so years. HRs down, OPS down, and so on. Everyone’s yelling PEDs because Ortiz got hot during the World Series. Where were these people when Papi was hitting .091 in the ALCS? Did he fly to Miami and shoot up during the three days between the ALCS and WS?

  • captain psychedelic

    He’s already been caught cheating once. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.