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Friday, June 22, 2018

Josh Hamilton says he is not worried about temptation in Las Vegas

The Rangers are headed to Las Vegas this weekend for a two-game series against the White Sox. Naturally, people are wondering how Josh Hamilton and Sin City are going to mix. As we were reminded just over a month ago, Hamilton continues to struggle along his path to recovery. With that in mind, one might think Las Vegas is the last place on earth he would want to be. However, The 2010 A.L. MVP insists he is not concerned about the trip.

“There is sin everywhere, every day,” Hamilton said according to the Dallas Morning News. “I’ve heard about everything they do on the weekends. Good for them. I will be with Katie. If we go together, everything is good.”

Katie is Josh’s wife, and he will also reportedly be accompanied by Rangers staff assistant Shayne Kelley.

Hamilton has a point. For a person who is recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, temptation is not difficult to find. That is especially true for a superstar athlete who travels around the country for a living. If you see a person drinking a beer on TV, that’s temptation. Something obviously tempted him to drink back in early February, and he gave in to the temptation on that particular evening.

Then again, I hear some pretty bad things about Vegas. The lights, the drinking in public, the strippers, the sound of slot machines — it’s all as addicting as it comes. If Hamilton trust the people around him, he should be just fine.

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