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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Orioles’ Chris Davis Headed to DL After Sleeping on Shoulder Wrong

The sooner baseball players start taking their health more seriously, the sooner we can stop talking about weird and embarrassing injuries.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve slept weirdly and woken up with soreness.  But I’ve never wound up on the DL because of it.  In fact my neck hurts from the way I slept last night and here I am staring at a computer screen.  The blogosphere don’t sleep.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles placed first baseman Chris Davis on the disabled list with a shoulder strain Tuesday.  Davis aggravated the injury when he slept on his shoulder wrong in Kansas City, and an MRI revealed wear and tear on his labrum and rotator cuff.  He could miss the rest of the season, which is especially unfortunate since the Orioles acquired him in a trade with the Rangers only a month ago.

Like Carlos Zambrano before him, Davis made his injury worse with an everyday activity.  Davis’ injury adds to an insane list of freak injuries we’ve had in the MLB since spring training.  Alcides Escobar learned the value of bug spray and Scott Downs found out the hard way that his kids are tougher than him.  Chris Narveson even got a lesson in how to properly use a pair of scissors.  Is the world out to get these guys or what?  At the end of the day they just need to be thankful none of them wound up with a pool cue up their ass.

H/T to SI Hot Clicks for the story.

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