Prince Fielder traded himself from Brewers to the Tigers in MLB 11 video game

You know what they say: You never know if you’re going to like your new life until you see it in a video game. Prince Fielder can appreciate that, which is why he had to make a little gaming adjustment when he signed his new $214 million contract with the Tigers a few weeks ago. According to MLive.com, Fielder recently traded himself from the Milwaukee to Detroit in MLB 11 The Show.

Some Detroit Tigers followers have said having Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder hitting back-to-back seems more like something from a video game than reality.

Fielder wanted an early glance at what it might be like, too. So he recently traded his virtual self from the Milwaukee Brewers to the Tigers.

“I just did that at home,” he said. “Me and my boys, we just traded me over. It’s MLB11, but I was on the Brewers, so we just had to make a trade.

Doesn’t this dude have his system hooked up to the internet? That’s what updating rosters is for. It’s one thing if he made a fair trade, but I’m guessing Prince turned on the “accept all trades” setting and shafted the Brew Crew.

As for the damage Fielder and Miguel Cabrera could do hitting back-to-back, video game numbers could very well be on the horizon. The only thing that might take more abuse than the opposing pitchers that have to face these two is the buffet spread in the locker room after the games — assuming there’s a vegan section.

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  • Anonymous

    Recently, Fielder said he was a Vegan for only 3 months.  He is back to pork fats now.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Prince should have traded himself for nothing … that’s pretty much what Milwaukee got back.