Robinson Cano jersey burning is underway (Video)

Robinson-Cano-jersey-burnRobinson Cano has signed with the highest bidder, which is a popular move among professional athletes. It also happens to be equally unpopular among sports fans, many of who love pretending that they would be the most loyal, down-to-earth people if they ever made it to the big stage. That’s where the New York Yankees fans and their jersey burning will come in.

Earlier this week, we showed you a couple of Boston Red Sox fans who torched Jacoby Ellsbury’s jersey after the center fielder signed with the Yankees. Now, we have a Yankees fan setting a Cano shirt ablaze, with more surely to come as the week rolls on.

Like we said with Ellsbury, it’s better to have your jersey burned when you leave a team than have your own fans doing it.

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  • chris

    If I was a Yankee fan I would be glad they didn’t waste their money. He will spend more time on the DL in Seattle as an aging player than off it. Seattle and Robi just signed up for ten years of mediocrity . That contract is going to be an albatross around the Mariner’s neck.

  • John Poidomani

    Agreed. Although Cano is in the prime of his career there will be a decline just like every other professional athlete. Eventually he will get hurt. Eventually his numbers will show his age. And someone will have to pay him millions for years. The Yankee’s offer to him was the right one and I’m glad they stood their ground. If the Mariner’s don’t start adding other players this is a wash.