We Always Knew You Had it in You, Jose Offerman

Drawing back memories of Juan Marichal and Johnny Roseboro, Jose Offerman had the ultimate meltdown on Tuesday. This was the pitcher/batter attack to end all attacks. Hands down.

The game between the Bridgeport Bluefish and Long Island Ducks was delayed in the top of the second inning Tuesday after Ducks shortstop and former major league All-Star Jose Offerman attacked Bluefish starting pitcher Matt Beech.

Both Beech and Bluefish catcher John Nathans were injured by Offerman, who was struck by a pitch and rushed the mound, swinging the bat at Beech. Offerman was later arrested.

Offerman, a former Bluefish, homered on the first pitch of the game by Beech. An inning later, Offerman was hit in the area of his left calf by an 0-and-1 pitch. He immediately charged the mound, wielding his bat in his right hand. Beech, who had his arms outstretched in an attempt to defend himself, was struck on the fingertips of his pitching hand as both benches immediately emptied.

I honestly would not be surprised to see O-for-4 Man get kicked out of the league. How could they possibly bring him back? Who does he think he is anyways? Freaking Happy Gilmore using his skate to try and kill someone? This has to give Delmon Young, Marichal, and Izzy Alcantara a run for their money. Matter of fact, this reminds me of a story I hit up quite some time ago. Only difference is this involved a professional player, not some ordinary chump.

You must also understand a little background here coming from someone who grew up in LA. O-for-4 Man is an eternal running joke around these parts. The guy couldn’t field a lick, went to Kansas City where he learned how to hit, and then we all laughed when the Red Sox opened up the cash register and gave him a longterm multi-million dollar deal. He became so bad in the field, they were forced to play him at first base. Offerman struggled through a few more years in the league, until he could no longer find a job in the Majors. And now he’s taking his frustrations out on some poor shmucks in the Atlantic League. It’s a sad, sad story.
(Image Courtesy Christian Abraham/Connecticut Post )

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    If I had to choose between this incident, and a player throwing a chair into the stands, I’d go with the chair as more disgraceful.

    This makes for a quality jpeg, while the chair will eventually get picked off in youtube country.

  • http://obscuresportsquarterly.wordpress.com Gilbert

    I preferred the nickname “E-Offerman”.
    E-Offerman is easier to say than 0-for-4 man

  • http://www.UCLAradio.com the Driver

    my father and I always went for the simple Jose Awfulman

  • http://myspace.com/alanbshepard gpjohn

    very good everyone…my initial reaction was ‘someone must have mentioned his defense’

  • SpinMax

    For once the player is more corked than the bat.

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