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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Daniel Artest Believes Brother Ron Will be Traded From Lakers Next Year

Last week we joked about Ron Artest who is probably the craziest Vegan you know. In that piece (you should check it out), Ron talked about how lost he is in the triangle offense. Though he may have been partially joking, Ron Ron says he just stays in the corner so the coaches don’t yell at him for being in the wrong spot. His comments seemed to be in good nature, they may hint at a disconnect between Artest and the Lakers.

Ron’s brother, Daniel, who has had a basketball career himself, tweeted Monday “My gut feeling is that Ron gonna get traded next season. It’s a gut feeling. I think Ron needs to be in the offense more. ESP in the post.”

No idea what prompted those tweets from Daniel, but they’re certainly noteworthy. Did he get off the phone with Ron and write that? Was he just thinking it for no reason and decided to tweet it? Who knows, but with Ron Ron playing fewer minutes and averaging far fewer points per game than he’s used to, he may not want to be back. We’ll see what happens, but you heard it from Daniel first.

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