David Kahn: We Knew Ricky Rubio Wouldn’t Come This Year

ricky-rubioA few months into the season and the big debate that occurred on draft day regarding the Timberwolves has been pushed aside in favor of more current topics. Still, Minnesota is struggling at 3-17 while their top draft pick is playing bacll in Spain, and their other top pick is being overshadowed by a player selected lower in the draft. Timberwolves GM David Kahn answered some questions about their highly publicized draft for Hoops World. This comment stood out:

“I felt then, as I feel now, (drafting Rubio) was the best thing for us to do in terms of our long-term future,” Kahn asserted. “The only other choice that could have been made, I felt, at that moment… well, there were two others. We could have done Stephen Curry, and we were considering DeMar DeRozan. Stephen, as you know, was also a point guard, so there was sort of the same issue there. DeMar is a wing who I think has a lot of talent and a really bright future, but at the end of the day I really felt that for our future Rubio was the best pick. And I knew that he probably wasn’t going to come right away. I was told that morning that it was going to be at least a year. Even with the wait, we thought it was the best thing for us to do. I surely do feel the same way today.”

Kahn may remain confident that this was the right move but I still have several questions. For one, you can start with his choice of Jonny Flynn 6th overall. I’m still not convinced Ty Lawson or Brandon Jennings aren’t better point guards and both were available. Next, it’s not like they used a late second round pick on Rubio and stashed him away in Europe for a few years the way the Spurs did with Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola. This was a high profile top-five pick and the Timberwolves desperately needed to turn their franchise around. I really don’t think they could afford to wait on Rubio and get nothing out of the pick, especially considering they traded away Mike Miller and Randy Foye for the extra selection. I realize things would look better for Minnesota if they had Al Jefferson and Kevin Love healthy this whole time, but imagine them with Brandon Jennings and Steph Curry on their team instead of Jonny Flynn. It’s too early to say they got the draft flat out wrong, but I know they could have done better.

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  • XRaraavis

    Minnesota’s draft was not that bad. You can’t even judge it until Rubio comes to play in 2011 or 2012. Why can’t Minnesota wait for Ricky Rubio? They are in year 1 of their ground up rebuilding process. They are not even planning on making the playoffs for a year or two. It would seem to me they are in a better place than anyone to wait one to three years for Rubio.

    It is amazing the number of people who now claim that they knew Brandon Jennings was going to be great. Eight teams passed on Jennings. Milwaukee has admitted they had Jonny Flynn higher on their Draft Board then Brandon Jennings.

    Each players numbers are the result of the style their team plays and their role. Brandon Jennings is playing 40 minutes a night in a point guard oriented offense. Steph Curry plays on a run and gun team where he doesn’t have to play much defense, which is perfect for him because he can’t defend either guard position. Jonny Flynn is trying to learn the triangle offense which is not necessarily suited to his strengths.

    Jonny Flynn is as good a point guard as Ty Lawson, Darren Collison, and Steph Curry, but maybe not as good as Brandon Jennings. Ricky Rubio who just turned 19 two months ago still has a ton of potential and is gaining great experience in the Euro League. He will either come to Minnesota or get Minnesota high trade value.