Derrick Rose Failed the ACT Three Times in Chicago, Passed SAT in Detroit

Or I guess as it were, someone else passed the SAT for Derrick Rose in Detroit. Memphis finally got its sentence from the NCAA and they were forced to vacate the 38-win season of two years ago and pay back the money they made from going to the tournament. The reason for the sentence is that one of its players from that team — Derrick Rose — was ruled ineligible because his SAT score was canceled. That is something we already knew. What’s new is the information revealed that Rose failed the ACT three times in his hometown of Chicago, yet somehow miraculously he traveled to Detroit for the SAT where he passed. Riiight. It’s pretty darn clear already that someone else took it for him. The one question is how Rose’s passed test emanated from Detroit. The answer to that is pretty simple, but one most fans would never know: Worldwide Wes.

As Gary Parrish pointed out, via The Dagger, Worldwide Wes (William Wesley) is based out of Detroit and it’s long been established that he helped steer Rose to John Calipari at Memphis. Wes, whom most fans have never heard of, is considered to be one of the biggest powerbrokers in the NBA. Wes helped bring prized recruit DaJuan Wagner to Memphis and Calipari obliged by hiring Wagner’s dad onto his staff. Since then, Wes has helped send Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Tyreke Evans to Memphis. Calipari has even called Wes a “goodwill ambassador” to the Memphis program.

So now the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together, and the dots between Rose, Calipari, the suspicious SAT test, and Detroit have all been connected. And just like I said three months ago, sounds like John Calipari helped Derrick Rose cheat on the SAT, or at the very least, knew exactly what he was up to.

By the way, the Worldwide Wes connection helps explain how Malik Hairston, the hot prospect from Detroit, wound up all the way across the country at Oregon, which up until now always remained a question for me. Wes has major connections at Nike. And now that riddle has finally been solved.

Lastly, someone remind me how after reading this they still support a “players must go to college before the NBA” rule. Let’s not mess around — these guys are basketball players, not students, and they’re only funneled into a program for a year where they’ll pass the time until the draft. Can’t we just skip that process?

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  • SpinMax

    Reggie Bush was ineligible, where are their forfeits?

  • JS

    SpinMax, USC will be forced to vacate victories in which Reggie played just as soon as the NCAA has documentation from someone other than a convicted drug dealer. By that time their current roster will have been in 5th grade at the time Reggie played. Think they’ll care when they win their own BCS Championship?

  • Gene

    The violation penalties, in addition to being imposed on schools, should travel with the coach. For instance, it is ridiculous for Calipari to leave for Kentucky and be free to start over again without any penalties.

  • SpinMax

    Convicted drug dealer? Was it not Yahoo who busted them? By the way, the guy who gave the money to the Fab Five was convicted of robbery and tax evasion… so I guess the NCAA shoulda looked the other way there too huh?

    State records show the Apple Street home was built in late 2004 and early 2005, then purchased by Michaels on March 29, 2005 for $757,500. Around that time, neighbors say Bush’s family moved in. Whether they had visited the house while it was being built is unknown, but there is an inscription in one of the cement slabs in the driveway reading “The Griffins ’05.”

    Michaels is the only person who has been listed on the deed to the home.

    Bush’s mother, Denise Griffin, was approached in the driveway of the house on Thursday, but declined to comment.

  • JS

    SpinMax, you have a great habit here of reading what you want to read and disregarding the rest.

    I never wrote the NCAA should “look the other way”. In fact, USC should get the same sanction as Memphis, Florida State, Alabama, and Oklahoma, that is, vacating the victories Reggie Bush played in from whatever time it can be established that he and his family received the ‘extra benefits’.

    And if you followed that story over the past three years instead of zealously rubbing your hands together like a fly on a piece of you-know-what waiting for the death penalty for USC, you would know that Michaels, the money guy, and Reggie, came to an out of court settlement with a non-disclosure agreement, and as the NCAA does not have subpoena power, nobody but the other thug, Lloyd Lake, who, yes, is a convicted drug dealer, is talking to the NCAA.

    Why didn’t the NCAA, Yahoo, or anyone else in the media ask at the time how Reggie’s parents could afford to go to all the away games to mug for the TV cameras, or about the diamond jewelry Reggie wore to the Heisman ceremony?

    As I wrote and will write again, USC should suffer the same penalites as the other schools. No less, no more.

    Happy now ?

  • SpinMax

    Actually there is a mountain of evidence, outside of the trial. Yahoo in their investigation even obtained a hotel bill from 2005 where Bush used an agency credit card and signed his own name. Hell, that alone would make him ineligible. USC can’t deny it either because those agent reps were given access to their lockerroom/facilities.

    I don’t believe in the no/less/more either. USC/Bush has tried to sweep this under the rug, lie about it, not fess up, and for most schools that means the penalty is harsher, and theirs should be as well.

  • JS

    Well, since we can go round and round on this, why don’t we let it be an impasse between us and just wait until the NCAA comes out with thier findings. Whenever that may be.

  • SpinMax

    I won’t hold mybreath, the NCAA is as corrupt in their practices as congress. They don’t want to take away a national title and heisman from their fav school

  • http://facebook.com Enlightener

    hey dumbass,
    the SAT and ACT arent tests that you “pass”. There is no passing grade, only degrees of good and bad.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3XG27HF2HY56OGDDVGCNE5ZB3E Michael

    Derrick Rose should go to collegeinsightsonline.com . It can help him if he wants to finish his college degree.