Faker Fans Are Too Fickle With Kobe

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate tune for a primadonna, attention whore like Kobe to receive upon being introduced in his first game of the season — boos. And loud ones at that. The man has played with fan emotions all summer long, and has in essence ripped our their hearts, leaving them no hope for the season. Not that I have sympathy for Faker fans, but they shouldn’t be at the mercy of a whimsical super star like Bryant.

But why, if you’re going express your collective displeasure with Kobe by booing him, do you change your tune only minutes later, once the man starts raining in points like he’s on the cover of NBA Jam? Why would you so capriciously change from boos to cheers, and worse yet, chants of MVP once he starts to play well? Get your story straight, Faker fans. Do you want him gone, or not? If you can’t even get your thoughts and feelings straight, then why should you expect your superstar and savior to do so?

(Photo courtesy Matt Sayles/AP)

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  • http://www.thehotroute.blogspot.com Chris

    I agree, Lakers’ fans punked out. If they’re gonna be hard, be hard all night. Then again, LA is full of wussy actors and wanna-be’s, so what do we expect?

  • Chris (ANDERSon Varejao)

    That’s just the thing. Laker fans are completely split down the middle. Half support the Lakers and half support Kobe. The fan base is definately not united on one certain position. plus you can’t necesarily confuse a good amount of Staples Center fans with Laker fans, many are just their to schmooze.