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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Floyd Mayweather stands by Jeremy Lin tweet: I’m not racist and I meant what I said

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. quotes are fun to showcase anyway. A few weeks ago, Mayweather sent out a blatantly racist tweet claiming that Jeremy Lin has only received so much attention because he is Asian. On Tuesday, Floyd said he stands by what he said but insists he is not racist, which of course makes no sense in anyone’s mind but his own.

“Like I said, the media always take your words and screw ’em up,” Mayweather said according to the NY Daily News. “They failed to say that I said the guy was a good player.”

Mayweather said it wasn’t even him that made the tweet, but someone who works for him. He did, however, make it clear that he told the person what to write.

“Do I regret what I said? Absolutely not,” he added. “I stand by what I said and I meant what I said.

“It’s OK for Miguel Cotto to represent the Puerto Rican fans and represent the Puerto Rican flag. I’m a black American. I believe in supporting my own first. That’s where I come from. They can feel my struggle if they come from the same background that I come from. That’s what I’m going to stand by.

“It’s so crazy. I’m not racist at all. I have Jewish people that work for me. Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, white people who work for me. One of my best friends, Kip, is a white guy. All-American. That’s my guy.”

I suppose if one of his best friends is a white guy and he has a Jewish guy working for him, the tweet wasn’t racist. You win, Floyd. Dana White was wrong about you. You’re off the hook.

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