George Karl Rips Pau Gasol Trade

To refresh your memory, first it was Spurs coach Gregg Popovich who bashed the Pau Gasol trade, saying there should be a trade committee that must approve deals. Pretty much anyone who’s seen the Lakers play since Pau (long as you’re not a Lakers fan) has to be upset with Memphis for giving up Pau for nearly nothing. Count Nuggets coach George Karl as one still in disbelief over the trade, as he mentioned to ESPN in an interviewed aired during the Nuggets/Spurs game Friday night:

“I’m with Pop on the Gasol trade. [The Nuggets media relations director] told me about the trade, I said ‘the league can’t let that happen. There’s no way.’ That’s not going to happen. I swear, I said ‘there’s no way that’s happening.’ It was like a gift — Christmas come early. It was a surprise package underneath the tree.”

We’ve broke down some of the recent one-sided deals in the NBA back when Popovich made his comments, but at least some of those teams were getting back at least one useful player, as opposed to Memphis which really got nothing. So, the question must then be asked: is David Stern really using his power to pull these strings? Something tells me the answer is yes.

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  • sahn

    Why does everybody got to be hating??? Did i fail to mention that both the Suns and Mavericks are sub .500 after their respective trades?

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Methinks George is a little upset that his son has a better look at a ring this year than he does…

  • Vu

    Karl and Popovich have a serious case of sour grapes! Remember, Popovich should never have had Tim Duncan to begin with. The lottery was a joke when the Spurs got him. That’s even better than a trade because San Antonio didn’t do squat to earn that pick.

  • http://ballhype.com/ JG

    I’d like to think that Chris Wallace’s incompetence outweighs a league conspiracy here.

  • Dan

    How would all you laker bandwagon riders be handling this if Gasol went to San Antonio or Houston? You girls would be crying up a storm. It was a bad trade in the way it wasnt a equal trade. LA wont apologize. But to criticize honest opinions over it shows the ignorance of LA fans. Which is no surprise at all.

  • SpinMax

    I don’t really watch the Fixed basketball association anymore. -shrug-

  • Gene

    I am already on record as agreeing that David Stern is a conniving commissioner with a hidden agenda. I think he is unscrupulous and immoral. Enough said.

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