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Friday, October 19, 2018

Big Baby Davis Cusses at Fan Over ‘Fat Boy’ Heckling

Last year we saw Celtics forward Glen Davis earn his nickname of “Big Baby” by crying after teammate Kevin Garnett got on his case. Now I’m really believing he got the nickname because of real life experiences. The poor guy is so thin-skinned he let a heckling fan in Detroit get the best of him on Wednesday night:

A Pistons fan, whose taunting triggered an obscene epithet from Celtics forward Glen Davis during a second-quarter timeout last night, placed a complaint with NBA security during halftime.

Davis now faces a possible fine and suspension. His comments were made in close range of microphones from both the Celtics’ TV and radio broadcasts, and could reportedly be easily heard by viewers and listeners.

Davis, repeatedly called “fat boy” and then “chubs” by a fan who identified himself as Scott Zack

Big Baby clearly has a short fuse that he needs to control. If players responded to every heckler then we’d run out of players because they’d all be suspended. Getting heckled is part of the gig and Glen Davis needs to understand that he has to act like the mature professional in those situations. On the other side, I can’t stand fans who make it their goal to goad a player only to tell on them when they finally receive a response. If you weren’t trying for a response, then why did you start to heckle in the first place? That’s like the dumbass at the zoo who teases the lion until it jumps out of the cage. Buying a ticket to a sporting event doesn’t mean you should forget what the standard for proper conduct towards others is. I just wish the fan could also be suspended for embarrassing his workplace (assuming he has a job).

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