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Monday, June 18, 2018

Jeremy Lin agrees Mike D’Antoni’s system is perfect for him

While few people will say Jeremy Lin is the best point guard in the NBA, his numbers since becoming a starter are as impressive as any of his competitors. Some people have said his numbers are the product of Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s system. D’Antoni runs extensive pick and roll plays and his offenses are generally high scoring. Steve Nash even won back-to-back MVP awards running D’Antoni’s offense perfectly in Phoenix.

When asked about being a system player, Lin agreed that he is a perfect fit.

“I know there’s a theory that it’s just a perfect system for me and so – I agree, it’s a perfect system for me,” Lin said before the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge on Friday. “And I’m truly thankful that I play for Coach D’Antoni because he really is an offensive genius, the way he designed the system. So it’s very suitable for me, and I mean, I guess somewhere down the road if I play in another system, we’ll be able to answer better that question of can I play in another system. But right now I’m just focused on where I’m at.”

It’s a good answer from Lin and he has no reason to be embarrassed. If playing point guard in Mike D’Antoni’s system were so easy, then why could others on the Knicks play it as well as him? D’Antoni has a system that leads to great stats, but not everyone can fit in it and master it the way Lin has.

Playing in D’Antoni’s system shouldn’t detract from what Lin has accomplished, but it should be considered a part of why he’s been successful.

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