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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kobe Bryant: People Need to Back Off LeBron James

Kobe Bryant sat down with George Smith for an interview during the Sunday Night Conversation. Kobe, who’s fresh off showing his soccer skills, was asked about the way the Lakers’ season ended. He admitted the Lakers lost to a team that was playing better than they were. He also said he watched the finals between the Mavericks and Heat. That prompted a question about the venom LeBron received. Kobe defended LeBron.

“I think people need to lay off that kid. That’s what I think. I’ve gotten to know him pretty well from playing with the Olympic team. I think people need to just back off of him and just let him play, let him live his life. Let him make his decisions. Let him mature as a player. It’s tough to be under the microscope like that all the time. I would like everybody to just kind of back off of him and let him play.”

You might think that Kobe was defending his fellow puppeteer because of their endorsement ties, but I think it’s more than that. Recall this is actually the second time Kobe defended the Heat players this season.

Kobe knows what it’s like to be the best player in the league and have everything you do get scrutinized. It’s not fun I’m sure, and it really wears on a person. I’ve said before that we’re ruining our superstars with all our criticism. That’s probably why Kobe wants everyone to back off and let LeBron be.

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