Kobe Bryant says if he could pick one teammate it would be LeBron James

Kobe Bryant desperately wants a sixth championship ring and he’s not getting any younger. Neither are some of the players around him, so he is hoping the Lakers will make a move or two in the near future that will once again make them the favorite to win a championship. That move was supposed to come in the form of a certain superstar point guard, but we all know how that turned out. The potential for Dwight Howard to come to Los Angeles is still out there, but there have been mixed rumors about whether or not Kobe would embrace that. Surprisingly, Bryant says he would embrace LeBron James as a teammate.

“It’s a tough question because I’ve played with a lot of great players being on the Olympic team,” Bryant told ESPNLosAngeles.com when asked who he would most enjoy playing with. “I think that the player I would probably play with the most where the pieces would fit would be myself and LeBron (James), believe it or not, because he’s more of a facilitator and I’m more of a scorer. … He’s a modern version of what Oscar (Robertson) was. He just puts up genius numbers.”

Perhaps Kobe is just saying that since we all know it’s not happening. If Kobe and Shaq couldn’t coexist, I doubt he and LeBron would be able to. We’re talking about the two biggest superstars in the game. LeBron may share the ball a little more than Kobe, but he still likes taking games over. Kobe enjoys the nights when he scores more than 50 points, and I doubt that opportunity would be available if King James was his teammate.

That being said, it is interesting to hear Kobe mention LeBron and not a more realistic Lakers possibility. In all likelihood, he is frustrated by all the rumors surrounding Howard and wanted to give a safe answer.

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  • Gene

    LeBron likes taking games over?  I thought the knock on him is that he defers to D. Wade and even passed the ball too much down the stretch in Cleveland.

    LeBron shares the ball a LOT MORE than Kobe, not a little more.  Check their assists totals and check the number of shots each takes from the field.

    I do believe they could co-exist, at least for awhile.  However, I agree with you it will probably never happen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ON2Q3PFLNA6D7X45KFWMIQOTVY Eric Z

    Agree it will never happen. This is just another way for Kobe to plead for help.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I really think Kobe only said it to be nice. It’s like the Michael Jordan reverse psychology strategy.