LeBron James Is a Charitable Type

As the free agency frenzy rolls on throughout the summer, it appears as if we may have a key announcement coming in the near future. LeBron James supposedly is negotiating with ESPN to create a one-hour LeBron James selection show special. Putting aside how odd it is that an ESPN writer is reporting a story about the plans of his own network but can’t get confirmation all the while he’s talking on their airwaves, there are a few positives to come of all this. It’s not just that the media, fans, and cities involved will finally learn the answer to the question they’ve been asking the past two years, it’s that, to quote Cher from Clueless, LeBron James is using his popularity for a good cause.

According to the report, LeBron wants his marketing team to have the ability to sell the ads on the show. The reported intention is to give the proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club. Call me a sucker if you must, but I actually think that’s a very cool thing to do. You might despise him because he has kept us all hostage to his announcement but LeBron does not have to share that money with anyone. Instead, he’ll be indirectly running one of the best telethons possible.

With LeBron’s marketing team creating a twitter account on Tuesday, revamping his website, and the NBA using him to promote their product through social media, I’m actually surprised they’re trying to schedule this thing to go down so quickly. If I were running his P.R. squad I would let the whole situation marinate for a few more days before announcing things. I guess you can say they’re doing a favor to MLB by not stealing the All-Star Game’s attention. Not to mention, they’ll be doing great things for an excellent charity, which is something most athletes wouldn’t think to do.

Sources: LeBron decision Thursday [ESPN]

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  • http://woodsrecruiting.com Al Woods

    Lebron James is a modern day superstar!

    Thursday night LeBron James will announce his decision on where he will be playing basketball next season. I think the idea of announcing his decision in prime time on ESPN is a brilliant idea. The entire world will be watching people who are die hard fans of course will watching the telecast your average fans will be watching. I’m a Cleveland Cavaliers fan and hope his decision is to stay in Cleveland regardless of the decision. I’ll be watching it will be a major basketball event.

  • Jason

    At first it almost seems like its a modern day over hype (as long as someone is making money) spectacle for people to get paid and James to enjoy the glory from the seat of his throne. I wouldn’t do it this way if I was him; coming across as too large for life always seems like a good idea at first I imagine, but the seeds it plants may often yield some unwanted harvests.
    Anyways….. reading on more and more from various sources it appears that yes this is making money but it goes to a great cause- all because James can and has chosen to do it this way. I give him props for the guts, and salute him for helping others.