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Monday, March 30, 2015

LeBron James throws down sick dunk in pregame warmups (Video)

LeBron James dunkLeBron James is just toying with us by showing off like that. The man says it’s too late for him to ever participate in the Slam Dunk Contest, but then he goes out and throws down a sick dunk in pregame warmups that would have earned him 10s across the board from any set of judges.

Toward the end of the video, you see LeBron do a spin move, go between his legs, throw the ball off the backboard, and slam it down for a monster dunk. That would have easily won him a dunk contest. And he’s afraid of embarrassing himself if he participates? Get real. Come on LeBron, if you’re going to tease us like that, at least give us the real thing.

Chest bump to The Basketball Jones, Eye on Basketball
H/T LBS contributor Gene

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