LeBron James gave Dwyane Wade some serious side eye after dropped pass (GIF)

LeBron James side eye

You know that look your wife or girlfriend gives you when she asks what the Valentine’s Day plans are and you tell her “staying home and watching you cook me dinner”? Yeah, that’s the glance LeBron James shot Dwyane Wade after a turnover towards the end of the Heat’s game against the Clippers on Wednesday night.

LeBron shot Wade some daggers after he dropped a pass for a turnover in the final two minutes of the game. The Heat were only up 109-105 at the time, so you can understand why things were so intense and why James had little tolerance for mistakes. He didn’t quite go Mario Chalmers on Wade, but that was funny to see.

GIF via GIFD Sports; Image via @cjzero

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  • TairyHessticals

    whoever got that out of this is a moron. If you watch the moments leading up not just the reaction you will see that the pass was a terrible pass buy LeBron James. With that said he actually looked like he knew he messed up and internally felt bad about it. So all of you fools out there that just want a story to talk about because you know the mass public is a bunch of drones– I have One thing to say to you…shame on you for taking advantage of people who don’t understand. Shame

    Keep it Tairy

  • TairyHessticals

    If you notice his quick look back you’ll see the disappointment in himself for the poor choice of pass.

  • william escobedo

    That wasn’t a bad pass