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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Miami Heat fans left arena before Game 6 comeback, tried to get back in

Miami Heat fans leaving

Just when Miami Heat fans were starting to earn some street cred, they go out and ruin it all by walking out on one of the most thrilling NBA Finals comebacks we have seen.

Sports reporter Victor Oquendo of WPLG in Miami tweeted towards the end of regulation of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, which the Miami Heat won 103-100 in overtime over the San Antonio Spurs, that he saw numerous fans stream out of American Airlines Arena when it looked like the Heat were going to lose. The Heat were down by five with 22 seconds left and most people thought the series was over.

After the Heat started coming back, Oquendo says the fans tried to get back in and even became unruly:

Pounding on doors to get back in? Maybe that should teach them not to leave next time. Seriously. A five point game and they were leaving? That’s hardly even a deficit. These fans deserve to miss the spectacular comeback.

In case you thought Oquendo was exaggerating, we have some documented evidence of Heat fans taking off early.

Sports reporter Bomani Jones tweeted a photo of Heat fans taking off early:

i'm going to the tunnel. they're going home. 2 pt game!

And here’s a Vine video of Heat fans walking out before the game was over:

The Sun Sentinel even spoke with some fans who left early, explaining that they had a long drive ahead.

It’s reasons like these why so many people criticize Heat fans. Well, there’s stuff like that, and then stuff like this.

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