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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mike D’Antoni says he didn’t get out of his pajamas for a month after resigning

Mike D’Antoni was so distraught by the way things worked out with the Knicks this season that he ended up resigning in March. D’Antoni spoke with SI’s Jack McCallum for his first interview since resigning, and he talked about how devastated he was after stepping down.

“I got into my pajamas and didn’t get out of them for a month. You know those people who deliver the food from Meals on Wheels? They were the only ones who saw me,” he said.

D’Antoni was sure to specify that resigning was his idea and not one pushed on him by the Knicks. He also bristled at the suggestion that he quit the job, correcting McCallum to point out that he resigned.

D’Antoni said he’ll likely sit out the upcoming season, and he called the report that he wanted the Magic coaching job “bull****.” He also offered an interesting perspective on Jeremy Lin, who shocked everyone with his rise from benchwarmer to All-Star-caliber starter.

“Anyone who claims they saw this in Jeremy is kidding himself. But we liked him. We thought he could be good. And, then, when he started to be real good … of course it was surprising … but it somehow made sense. The things he does — he can get into the lane, he can shoot, he’s tough, he’s athletic, his confidence was growing and growing. It became almost logical that he was that good during that time.”

At least we know D’Antoni hasn’t lost his sense of humor since stepping down. Can you just picture D’Antoni in a matching striped PJ set, hair all long and uncombed, just shuffling around his house all depressed? He probably had a glass of OJ in one hand, and the remote control in the other to alternate between Jerry Springer and cartoons. Such a depressing image.

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