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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nate Robinson Tweets with Pete Carroll About Trying Out for Seahawks

Earlier in July Nate Robinson talked about trying to play football during the NBA lockout. Robinson played football in college at Washington before switching exclusively to basketball, so he has talent. Turns out he may be serious about the venture.

Robinson tweeted at Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll Tuesday to ask for a tryout and Carroll played along.

Carroll responded to Robinson’s request for a tryout saying “I always knew you had skills, that’s why we tried to get you before… you still got em?”

Robinson replied “Yes coach I do.”

Carroll continued to play along saying “we know you have great handles, but the question is: does it translate to DB skills? I kinda think it does…”

Robinson perked up after that, writing back “coach give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you, the world & all my followers would love to see the outcome lol”

After that, Carroll jokingly (seriously?) invited Robinson to practice. “Well then, see you at practice at 1:30. bring your cleats,” he wrote on twitter.

Carroll can’t really be serious about this, but given how athlete-friendly he seems to be, I can picture him doing this for the publicity. He’s never camera shy when it comes to a little attention. As for Robinson, this is the least he can do to make it up to Seattle fans after what happened this season. Guess he’s taking his cues from Ochocinco huh?

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