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Monday, June 18, 2018

Rafer Alston’s Idiotic Slap on Eddie House Puts Magic in Terrible Spot

The Lakers/Rockets game on Wednesday night was notably physical. While the Celtics/Magic wasn’t as physical, they still had their moments. The standout moment was when Rafer Alston hit Eddie House in the back of the head with an open-handed slap. Alston claims House provoked it by throwing an elbow his way (which was totally harmless). House says it was just because Alston got pissed that House was draining shots over him all game-long. Check it out in case you missed it:

My boy Matt Watson feels Alston deserves a suspension and so do I. Frankly, I don’t see how you can watch a player slap someone for no reason other than being a poor sport and not punish them for it. Alston let his emotions and hurt feelings overcome him for a moment and he could end up costing his team big time. Remember that Alston was acquired in a trade with Houston once Jameer Nelson got knocked out for the season. It was pretty clear at that point that the Magic knew backup Anthony Johnson couldn’t get the job done. Tyronn Lue isn’t the answer either. So if there’s no Alston for Game 3, who does that leave, Courtney Lee who’s coming off sinus surgery and not even a point guard for them? Lue? Johnson? Rajon Rondo’s already had his way in two games so far against Alston (though he didn’t shoot too well in Game 1). It won’t be pretty against any of those others. Nice job, Alston. Way to help the team.

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