Rajon Rondo calls the Heat out for ‘crying,’ sticks to it after the game (Video)

For the majority of the first half in Game 4 Sunday night, the Celtics dominated the Heat on offense and defense. Miami did a tremendous job of slowing down the Celtics attack in the second half, but they still couldn’t find enough ways to score. A number of Boston’s defensive stops led to easy transition buckets going the other way, and Rajon Rondo explained to Doris Burke at halftime why he thought that was the case.

“Them complaining to the referees and crying in transition,” Rondo said when asked how Boston was able to exploit Miami’s defense.

After the game, Rondo stood by what he said: “What I said was true. I don’t take back what I said. It’s what it is.” Just after that, it appeared that Burke’s question had irritated Rondo and it almost looked like he said “You trying to get me fined?” before she came back and clarified something with him. Check it out:

Both the Heat and the Celtics have done enough crying to the officials through the first four games to last an entire series. Rondo’s comments were arrogant and will likely motivate the Heat going forward, but Boston fans would much rather see a confident Rondo like the one they saw Sunday night than a disengaged one like the one who showed up to Philadelphia for Game 6 of the previous round. The attitude you saw him display with Burke is the one Rondo carries with him when he’s at his best.

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  • http://twitter.com/MikeWelchSR Mike Welch

    I think Rondo said, “Say it to my face.” after Doris said “Your play backed you up.” because he didn’t hear her. When she comes back to him and speaks in his ear, it appears she repeated, “Your play backed you up.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2VC453TOW4F7REGE5IGK2HKN4E Leo

    Rondo is sly and not worth. He has been very dirty and hit the refrees and other team players. Very physical and not reliable. Like a thug. He is like garnett another big bully who plays very dirty and no opponent team like these two. Rondo is the biggest cranky baby . Not Wade. Dont even compare. Wade is a good guy and father and very good with anyone. Everyone loves Wade. He is a gentlemen. Not Rondo a bully