Rapper Wale confronts Toronto Raptors announcer after being mocked (Video)

Rapper Wale confronted Toronto Raptors TV announcer Matt Devlin during Tuesday’s Washington Wizards-Toronto Raptors in DC game after being mocked on the visiting team’s telecast.

Wale is a Washington DC native and fan of the local sports teams. He was exchanging words with Rudy Gay as the Raptors forward went off for 12 points during the second quarter. The exchange between the two was described on TV by Raptors announcer Matt Devlin, who slighted the rapper in the process.

Devlin emphasized that Wale was a “local” rapper even though the performer is known internationally, and continued to mock him.

“Wale’s inspiring. I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve heard of Wale. He’s not Drake, that’s for sure.”

Word of Devlin’s trash talk must have gotten back to Wale, because he tweeted at the announcer:

Wale, still apparently upset with Devlin, tried confronting the broadcast team.

Matters must have been smoothed out between both sides. Wale later tweeted in response to Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan to downplay the incident:

Gay even tweeted to let everyone know that matters were good between him and the rapper:

Wale still seemed confused about why he had received negative attention for his actions:

So, apparently there wasn’t “heckling” going on as Devlin described it. Either that, or it was all of a friendly nature. So does this mean it was a just another rapper looking for attention at an NBA game? Where have we seen that before.

Videos via Eye on Basketball, Beyond the Buzzer

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  • Cougs_suck

    The Raptors are a local team, I’m sure someone could tell me who they are , they’re no Thunder. Not even a Wale or Wizards fan, I just find it funny anyone affiliated with the Raptors would talk smack on anyone.

  • Rockbolt

    Really, I’ve never heard of Walleye and I couldn’t hum a bar of his music.  Maybe he should be happy that the commentators brought him some extra exposure.

  • http://twitter.com/jivanstepanian Jivan Stepanian

     I’m sure the Clippers, Pacers, Nuggets, and Knicks could tell you who the Raptors are since those were all teams that were victims of our 5 game winning streak. Watch out now brother, Raps are becoming serious