Steve Nash Calls Out his Teammates

So the Spurs beat the Suns in Phoenix on Sunday taking a 1-0 series lead. With around three minutes left, Steve Nash sustained a cut on his nose and blood starting gushing from it like he just went 12 rounds with Sonny Liston. It was pretty bad — bad enough to the point where Nash had to leave the game during the final minute and change his jersey several times. But that’s not what I want to focus on. What I want to know, is who was Steve Nash calling out with this statement after the game:

“I think some of us didn’t quite have the fire to beat a world championship team.”

In the rest of the quote, Nash addresses the issue as a “we.” But in that particular sentence, he’s singling out players. But who was he calling out? Who on the Suns didn’t have the fire? Seems like he’s saying someone else didn’t match his own intensity.

The typical six-man rotation saw the bulk of the minutes — James Jones, and Kurt Thomas were the others to see a few. Was it Amare who didn’t have the fire? Stoudemire may have had 5 blocks and 18 boards, but he only went 6-19 from the field. Was it Marion who only grabbed 6 rebounds and got to the line once? To whom is Nash referring? He’s obviously trying to light a fire under someone’s ass, I guess we’ll have to wait until Game 2 to find out who it is.

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  • http://www.milehighramblings.blogspot.com/ the butler

    Amare played his ass off, Duncan and Co. were just not giving him the same looks as the Laker frontline.

    Only thing that comes to mind is how S.A. dominated the O-boards. Maybe he was talking about that?

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Hmm, that’s a good call Butler. Duncan alone equaled the amount of off. rebounds the entire Phoenix team had, so maybe that’s what he was talking about specifically. Maybe indirectly he was fingering Amare and Marion because of their failure to rebound?