Tayshaun Prince Calls Out Kobe Bryant the Ballhog

Thursday night in Detroit, Kobe Bryant had a triple-double. If you asked him though, he probably wouldn’t have been proud of it. Kobe had 39 points, 10 boards, and get this — 11 turnovers. Nice. I’m guessing he had so many turnovers because nobody else on his team touched the ball. That’s something Tayshaun Prince noticed (while Prince wasn’t busy scoring 22 points and making the game-winning three pointer). After shooting the Pistons to a win, Prince joined WDFN’s post game radio show and had this to say about the final play of the game for the Lakers that Lamar Odom airballed:

Kobe pretty much took all of the shots in the second half so when another guy has to make a play late in the game it’s kind of tough for him because he hasn’t had the ball in a while.

True, the Lakers wouldn’t have been in the game that closely if Kobe hadn’t carried him in the second half, but he has to realize his teammates need to be more involved. Wasn’t that the thing about MJ? For all the great clutch shots he made, didn’t he also have just as vital a part setting up his teammates like Steve Kerr? Either that or Kobe has to do a better job getting open in order to take those potential game-winners. Anyway, getting back to it, great words from Tayshaun — and completely true, too.

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  • http://www.need4sheed.com elvira qandah

    i l0000ve tayshaun prince (: <3

  • The Dude Abides

    Sometimes Kobe is forced to be a ballhog, and it’s happening more now than earlier this season because Bynum is injured. Odom is not a legitimate #2 option, and almost all Laker fans know that he is terrible in the clutch. Why do you think the Pistons didn’t put a man on him when he inbounded the ball with 4.4 seconds left? The answer is because they wanted the wanted the ball in his hands.

    The other factor in this is Phil Jackson’s season-long teambuilding exercise of deliberately not putting his best shooting lineup on the floor during the team’s final possession. The only explanation is that he’s trying to develop the confidence of players like Odom, Kwame Brown, and Luke Walton. The best outside shooters on the team have been Fisher, Vujacic, and Farmar. Only Fisher has been on the court for their final possession in the Laker’s last two losses. Last night, the Pistons didn’t have to guard Brown or Turiaf, and only needed to prevent Odom from getting to the rim. Keep the ball out of Kobe’s and Fisher’s hands. Game over.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    Other than the 11 TOs, which were bad, how can someone complain about Kobe’s game last night.

    12-25 just under 50%. 13-15 FTs leading to 39pts.

    plus 10 rbs, 5asts, 2stls, and 1blk.

    Getting 39pts on 25 shots is pretty effecient.

    Kobe has been picking his spots this year, where are the posts about the games when he has a ton of assists and is the 3rd leading scorer, like the Denver game right after Bynum went down.

    Kobe does ballhog sometimes, but it was not this game and it has not been much at all this year. Just look at the late play where he drew a double team and passed to an open Ronny Turiaf under the basket.

    Just because Tayshaun Prince says it does not make it so.

  • Ryan

    Wow man, its writers like you who just make me shake my head. Whats the point of paying money to have an all star on your team if your not going to give him the ball and have him help you win some ball games? The team was not shooting well, a number of player were clearly off their game, so what do you do? Do you sit your all star player down, the player referred to by many to be the best to play the game, and send out your struggling shooting player and commit to losing the game to prove a point? Or do you send out your all star who you know has the ability to finish games, and give your team a legitimite chance to win the ball game? On Tuesday against the Knicks the rest of the team was playing well and kobe was dishing the ball out right and left and Sasha was taking game winning shots , but on this particular night because Kobe did what he is payed to do (help his team win!) He’s a ball hog and every other game this season where he dished out x amount of passes and got his teammates involved no longer counts.

  • http://nba.com david o

    I can tell you get a hard on everytime you get the chance to diminish Kobe. You’re a weasel and this glog/site is trash.

  • Mark R

    I agree with david O…clearly you’re seeking a chance to get at Kobe. At what point did he call him a “ballhog” as you stated in the title.

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