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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kevin Garnett Drops F-Bomb in Postgame News Conference

The Celtics lost to the Thunder at home Wednesday night 109-104. Thunder forward Kevin Durant shined in the game with 37 points thanks in large part to a 15-15 performance at the free throw line. Although they lost the game it’s not like the Celtics played poorly; they shot 60% from the field. With such a high number like that you have to wonder how they even lost the game. That’s exactly why Celtics forward Kevin Garnett was so pissed after the game. The free throw disparity between the squads was glaring — Oklahoma City got to the line 34 times while Boston made it there just 17 times. This difference led to Kevin Garnett dropping an f-bomb after the game. Here’s the video thanks to our friends at Reds Army (warning language NSFW):

I know Doc Rivers felt the same way as KG and essentially asked the media to blast the officiating so that he’d avoid a fine for criticizing the refs. Doc, love to help you out with this one but unfortunately I didn’t catch the game. Sorry.

KG drops an F-bomb on Comcast [Reds Army]

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