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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Phil Jackson Tells His Players Celtics Know How to Lose Games

I have mixed feelings about posting this video. On a fundamental level, I don’t think our TV cameras and microphones should be inside huddles and locker rooms for teams because it’s an invasion of their privacy. I don’t like it but I live with it. On the positive side, thanks to ABC’s access we caught a snippet of Lakers coach Phil Jackson mic’d up during the final minute. Trying to motivate his players as the team was down by five, Jackson took a shot at the Celtics. Here’s the video of Phil Jackson telling his players the Celtics know how to lose games late:

Phil could get criticized or laughed at by Boston fans for his comments during that timeout but that would be unfair. Think of the circumstances: he’s the coach of the Lakers and trying to give them confidence and encouragement so they can come back in the game. What else is he supposed to say? By the way, the Lakers may have had a chance at the comeback if Ron Artest hadn’t missed both his free throws, failed to foul Rajon Rondo on the layup, and then fouled Ray Allen over Rondo. Not saying it would have happened, but at least they would have had a better shot.

Video Credit: YouTube user MojoHoopsTube

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