Adrien Broner: I just beat the f— out of a Mexican (Video)

Adrien Broner gold grill

Adrien Broner was at it again with his brash ways after beating Carlos Molina on Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Broner beat Molina by unanimous decision and proclaimed that his loss to Marcos Maidana humbled him. But shortly after saying he had been humbled, Broner ran his mouth.

Broner called himself the “can man,” as in he could beat an Afri-CAN and just beat the f— out of a Mexi-CAN. The language includes the curse word, so be warned:

Adrien Broner for you, in peak form.

Broner did say that he is willing to fight anyone and that he wants to fight Manny Pacquaio. We’d like to see that, too, to watch Pac-Man destroy him.

Showtime’s Jim Gray even had to scold Broner for his inappropriate interview comments.

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  • _bloodthirsty_

    no wonder everyone hates cocky blacks…..

  • huhu05

    No wonder blacks complain about racism

  • Kandylicious

    It`s a good thing you don`t speak for me.

  • TexizzBoy

    Broner stole that line from Maidana! After defeating Broner, Maidana said “I just beat the F*** out of a Complete Asshole”!!! Everyone totally agreed with him!