Former boxing champ Jorge Arce accuses Manny Pacquiao of using PEDs

Manny Pacquiao may be considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in boxing history, but there is a large collection of people who feel his accomplishments are illegitimate. Former boxing champ Jorge Arce is apparently among that group.

Earlier this week, Arce told Boxing Scene that he believes Pacquiao has been using some sort of substance that cannot be detected by the current drug testing system.

“Pacquiao is getting something, that’s for sure,” Arce said, via. “He never [comes up] positive [during drug tests], so it is logical that he is using something that is legal or not detectable in his urine. Because I remember when Pacquiao did not want to fight [Floyd] Mayweather, because [Mayweather] said that he wanted to have doping tests [involved in their fight] and Manny refused to have them.

“Pacman is coming from [the] flyweight [division] and walks around at welterweight. I am convinced that Manny is getting something, but it is not detectable. I’ve seen him overwhelm [fighters] who are much bigger than him.”

If he’s using something legal, then it’s legal. If Pac Man is using something that is illegal and not detectable, well, we’ll never know and there’s really nothing that can be done about it. Technology isn’t perfect.

This is not the first time Pacquiao has been accused of using performance-enhancing substances by another fighter. As we know, it has been an ongoing theme in his saga with Floyd Mayweather. While there is no proof that Pacquiao has ever used a banned substance, the speculation remains rampant.

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  • http://twitter.com/RumorsandRants Ryan Phillips

    For the past three years Pacquiao has agreed to full, random drug testing in the Mayweather saga. Mayweather has kept bringing it up, but that issue was decided back in 2010. Money is the real impediment to a fight. And Mayweather’s unwillingness to fight a southpaw. 

    The guy who should be investigated for PED use is Juan Manuel Marquez, who has an admitted PED cheat as his personal trainer. 

  • Mokrak

    You say “there is a large collection of people who think his accomplishments are illegitimate?”  Who? Mayweather and now Arce??  Okay, that’s two.  Hmmm… there are literally millions of people that comprise the boxing world.. what about their opinions?  (After all, Mayweather’s and Arce’s statement are just that… opinions, right?  Unless there has been some evidence to the contrary, it is heresay.

    Its soooo easy to plant the idea of doubt by proposing some “what if” scenarios, especially if it relates to persons who have acheived extraordinary feats, like Pacquiao.  Because he has gone through bigger oponents the way he has, he’s gotta be on something??? Crazy logic from crazy people like Mayweather and Arce!  Just because they think its unbelievable, doesn’t mean it is. 

    Hey, I think JMM’s KO punch was unbelievable, but until they prove he was on PEDS, I’ll give him all the props for a perfectly timed vicious shot…. that was his training and determination and presence of mind amid a Pacquiao onslaught… and it paid off for him.  It shows how great a fighter he is… you can’t get that from PEDS.  Now, if they find proof that he was juiced, then that’s a different story.

    I refuse to adapt the mentality of a doubting thomas, just because its easier to make sense of it all.  Boxing is an incredible sport where incredible things happen and that’s what makes it interesting for me.  Screw the juicers, but make sure their juicers first. 

  • http://twitter.com/67_special Mark Oliver

    “Pacquiao is getting something, that’s for sure,” Arce said, via. “He never [comes up] positive [during drug tests], so it is logical that he is using something that is legal or not detectable in his urine.
    Or, you know, maybe…. He’s clean.
    You’re a fool Arce.
    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  • Demetriuss Bowser

    first of all, the man grew up poor, try only eating rice and boxing and see how much weight u gain. he can keep his weight cause he gets to eat when ever he wants…!