Ricardo Mayorga Signs with Shine Fights, Will Try Out MMA

When you’re 35-years-old, 29-7-1, and unable to get a fight, where do you turn? If you’re Ricardo Mayorga, you decide MMA is the best option for you. MMA Junkie says the news was announced during Shine Fights pay-per-view event on Friday night. They also added this tidbit that helps explain why he’s making the move:

Mayorga recently sued Don King for his inability to find him a fight and for alleged violations of the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act. In the interim, it appears he’ll begin preparations for a late-career run in MMA.

We’ve increasingly seen more boxers discuss the option of exploring the MMA frontier, Roy Jones Jr. being the most notable. Ever since recording back-to-back wins against Vernon Forrest in ’03, Mayorga’s gone 3-4 including an embarrassing loss to Oscar De La Hoya. Given El Matador’s style, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be part of one of those 7-second knockouts. Because he doesn’t hold anything back, you figure something crazy will transpire.

Roy Jones Jr. Calls Oscar De La Hoya a ‘Quit’ from Pacquiao Fight


Let’s see, Roy Jones Jr. is hanging on way past his prime, presumably to make money like most other boxers do. He got his head handed to him by Joe Calzaghe last November but still came back for two more fights since, winning both. Oscar De La Hoya recently wrote that he felt Jones Jr. continues to fight because of ego, not money; he says Roy wants to prove he’s still a top fighter. De La Hoya said Roy should retire because he’s done. Roy obviously didn’t take to that opinion very well and has now spoken:

“Yeah, well, I ain’t quit like he did, did I? I don’t even think he’s got enough respect to talk to me. I never gave up. He gave up to a smaller man. I don’t owe no explanation for that. I don’t even think he earned the right tot talk to me. I ain’t never quite. Got cut and still went on against what they called pound-for-pound one of the best fighters out there and never thought about quitting. I feel like I owe that to the fans. I feel like if they paid to see me fight, they should get a whole fight whether I’m getting my behind whooped or I’m whooping behind, they deserve a whole fight. I ain’t never quit in the ring so don’t tell me what I need to do.”

No doubt Jones Jr. is oozing with confidence from his win over Jeff Lacy two weeks ago. He was bragging about his handspeed from that fight during the interview and suggested he wants to fight Anderson Silva from MMA. The interview also confirmed De La Hoya’s feelings — that Roy still feels he’s a top fighter. But Jones Jr. is definitely correct about Oscar quitting. Both guys are right and it would have been nice if we didn’t have to experience either process as fans.

Paulie Malignaggi: Ringside Judge from Texas F***ed Me in Juan Diaz Fight

paulie-malignaggiLet me first say that I did not get to watch Paul Malignaggi’s fight with Juan Diaz over the weekend. If I had, I would have seen what was apparently a pretty close fight. Well, a pretty close fight in the eyes of everyone except Gale Van Hoy, one of the judges sitting ringside. Hoy had the fight 118-110 in favor of Diaz, while the other two judges had the Malignaggi losing the fight by much closer margins of 115-113 and 116-112. Hoy had it 10 rounds to 2 and Paulie, as relayed by Deadspin, has an idea why:

“I’ve been watching boxing a long time and you don’t see too many good decisions in Texas with out of towners against Texas fighters. I don’t know who to blame. I put my two cents in before. I didn’t want Gale Van Hoy and I didn’t want Raul Caiz.

118-110 was Gale Van Hoy d*cking it to me. He bent me over and he f*cked me. I said before the fight that this guy never goes against a Texas fighter in the state of Texas. I complained about him and he did it to me on purpose. There is no way that anybody won that fight 118-110. I didn’t beat Juan 118-110 and Juan didn’t beat me 118-110. Gale Van Hoy filled out his score card and said ‘let me f**k Paulie Malignaggi because he talked s**t.”

Malignaggi went on to say that this is why boxing has no popularity left. It’s actually a similar reason why I got turned off of boxing about three years ago. I went to a small-level card in central California (Arreola and Paul Williams were on it) and watched every decision go in favor of the fighters for the guys promoting the card. It’s hard to watch something where judges are paid off or holding personally biases. We see it all the time. I’m guessing Paulie was on the mark. The only difference is it would have been a unanimous decision regardless and he would have been on the losing end no matter what.

Vernon Forrest Goes to the Grave, Still Owing me $400

But he taught me one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned. Some people close to me are familiar with this story while others have never heard it, so there’s no better time to bring it up than now. I have a big history with Vernon Forrest that goes back six years to when I was 19 years old, and when he was undefeated. It was at that time that I got sucked into sports betting on a daily basis by a kid on my dorm floor who had just about every bad habit you could imagine (I think he once placed a sports bet on the computer while sipping 151 and snorting coke off a hooker’s ass with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth). I had been making money betting on college basketball games and it all stemmed from betting against UCLA because they were so horrible that year (Lavin got fired but the UCLA name still made them favorites in the book, so the formula was quite lucrative). On one particular Saturday, January 25th, 2003, I had made a little over $100 betting on Pac-10 hoops — not bad money for a college sophomore. I was looking for just one final score to get me up to about $150 for the day and I had been eying the Vernon Forrest line for about a week.

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Arturo Gatti’s Wife Strangled Him to Death Using Her Purse Strap!

OK, I know it’s sad and all that we’ve had nothing but unexpected deaths in the sports world lately, and ones caused by women, but I have questions. Namely, how is it that one of the toughest boxers in the history of the sport can possibly be strangled to death by his wife — a female who likely is much smaller and weaker than him? Now some details are starting to come clear that make a little more sense. For instance, Arturo Gatti, who was on his honeymoon with his wife Amanda Rodrigues, was passed out drunk apparently. He and his wife were at odds according to Brazilian boxer Popo Freitas and Arturo planned to divorce her. I guess that was enough reason for the wife to try and kill him, first by taking a kitchen knife to the back of his head and next by strangling him with a purse strap when the knife didn’t do enough damage.

The wife seems pretty stupid and sloppy in this case and really didn’t seem like she cared much about covering her tracks. She’s been charged with first degree murder after there were inconsistencies during the interrogation. She’s trying to claim that someone else came into the room and committed the murder, but the room was on the second floor of the hotel and a magnetic key card was needed to open the room, making it highly unlikely someone else came in. Boxing Scene says the two were out to dinner the night before the murder and had gotten into a fight on the street where Gatti pushed his wife to the ground. Between McNair and Arturo, it’s pretty clear that guys need to be extremely careful about what they’re doing and with whom they’re cavorting. Better yet, never pass out drunk around your lady — you never know if you’ll wake up!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pwns David Lloyd in Interview, Gets Owned by Brian Kenny

It seems like wherever Floyd Mayweather Jr. is going and whatever he’s doing the guy is always putting on a show. The man who claims he’s back to “steal more money” because he can, because he’s “Money Mayweather,” is coming back to the ring from retirement to fight Juan Manuel Marquez on July 18th. He was doing an interview tour this week to promote the fight and wound up doing most of the interviewing. These two separate interviews are utterly classic. In the first one on ESPNews, Mayweather catches an unprepared David Lloyd with his pants down and exposes him as a guy who doesn’t know boxing but is just following what the rest of the world says. Make sure you watch at the 1:20 mark to see some serious embarrassment:

Dude, like who doesn’t know that Manny Pacquiao has lost three times?? That’s embarrassing. How could he even proceed after that? Now if you’re ready for a role-reversal, Brian Kenny owns Mayweather on SportsCenter in this interview:

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Manny Pacquiao Completely Destroyed Ricky Hatton, Is the Fighter to Beat

It’s funny how much things change in a small amount of time. 18 months ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr. destroyed Ricky Hatton to cement his reputation as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. At that point Manny Pacquiao was fighting at 130 lbs and wasn’t really on the radar (as far as being a contender). A year and a half later, Mayweather’s coming out of retirement (as I predicted), and Pacquiao’s the top fighter in the world coming off a win over Hatton. As for Ricky, well, nothing really changed for him — he still wound up laying on the canvas on top of the Rockstar logo, a loser in both bouts.

Manny really has proven to me that he has an excellent skill level in addition to his impressive punching power. This guy absolutely destroyed Hatton, to the point where I thought he broke Ricky’s jaw and inflicted serious long-term damage with the knockout blow. I’m not going to get carried away with his ability and tell you how great he is — go see his fights against Juan Manuel Marquez to see otherwise — but Pac Man has really has opened up many people’s eyes with his wins at the higher weight class. Manny proved that he has a lethal knockout punch and that great results can be achieved when you pair a diligent fighter with a smart trainer.

Back to Hatton, truth is he got exposed once again. The guy is nothing but a straight ahead puncher who fails to make in-fight adjustments (probably because he was able to beat up just about anyone he’d ever faced). Pacquiao and Freddie Roach devised a plan to exploit Ricky’s weakness (Hatton leaves himself open when he throws his left) and they executed perfectly. Retirement isn’t necessary, but mechanical adjustments and fighting lower-quality opponents is. And with the layoff, Mayweather has a lot to prove against Marquez before a fight with Pacquiao can be scheduled. (Even if that’s what we all want to see).