Tacko Fall is a 7-foot-5 high school basketball player

Tacko-FallOklahoma City Thunder center Hasheem Thabeet is currently the tallest player in the NBA. The former UConn standout stands at 7 feet, 3 inches tall. Tacko Fall is two inches taller than him, and he’s only a high schooler.

At 7-foot-5, Fall is the tallest high school basketball player in the country. He would also be the tallest player in the NBA. As you might expect, the Liberty Christian Prep (Fla.) junior can barely fit into most cars and has to sleep diagonally across his bed. He also bumps his head a lot.

“When I walk through the door, every once in a while I forget to duck, and I’ll hit my head,” Fall told the Orlando Sentinel back in November. “I hit my head on the ceiling fan in [Liberty Christian coach Paul Archer's] house the first time I was there. It almost knocked me out. It hurt.”

Fall, who can dunk without jumping, has an incredible 8-foot wingspan. He just began playing basketball a few years ago when his family came over from Senegal, so he’s still a very raw talent.

“Kids from Senegal tend to be passive,” Liberty Christian coach Paul Archer said. “You have to get them to understand the American way of playing basketball. One thing we need to do is get him in the weight room and get him stronger.

“There still is a lot of work we have to do with him. Next year is his big year.”

Big is an understatement. Fall doesn’t even have to know how to put the ball in the basket and he would still be an intriguing NBA prospect. That type of height is extremely rare, and any NBA scout would salivate over it. There will be no shortage of interest in the 7-foot-5 giant.

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Mark Rypien’s nephew Brett Rypien commits to Boise State

SWX Right Now-Sports for Spokane, CdA, Tri-Cities, WA

Brett RypienThe quarterback genes really run in the Rypien family.

Not only was Mark Rypien a Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Washington Redskins, but his daughter is a quarterback in the league formerly known as the Lingerie Football League, and his nephew is a star quarterback at Shadle Park High School in Spokane, Washington. In fact, Brett Rypien has committed to play college ball at Boise State.

Brett Rypien threw for 3,266 yards as a junior and had scholarship offers from Washington, Washington State, Oregon State and Arizona State in the Pac-12, as well as Mississippi State in the SEC. According to The Seattle Times, Rypien Rypien said Boise State’s coaching staff, facilities and atmosphere helped win him over.

Brett Rypien holds the state record with 613 passing yards in a game where he also threw six touchdowns. He’s 6-foot-2, 185 pounds and has thrown for over 8,500 yards and 90 touchdowns in his high school career.

He has a long way to go to surpass his uncle, but it seems like that may be a possibility.

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300-pound lineman Freddie Booth-Lloyd can run like the wind (Video)

This video of high school football lineman (and track superstar in the making) Freddie Booth-Lloyd running the second leg of a 4×100 relay for his high school has been going viral, and it’s easy to see why.

Booth-Lloyd, who is a defensive tackle/offensive guard at Cocoa High School in Florida, is listed at 6-foot-2 and just over 300 pounds by most recruiting websites. He is a Temple commit, and Rivals lists his 40-yard dash time as 5.39 seconds. It sounds like Rivals is going to have to update that time.

Booth-Lloyd’s friends recorded video of him running in a track race for his school and posted the video to various sites such as Instagram, Vine and YouTube, and it has blown up. Booth-Lloyd has been responding to many of the tweets he’s received through the video, and he told one person his 40-time is actually 4.9, which is pretty darn good for an interior lineman.

Booth-Lloyd was just loving the attention to the video. Check out his response to some tweets:

Funny enough, ESPN did request permission to use the video. Maybe he is headed for the SportsCenter Top 10!

To give you another look at his size, here is Booth-Lloyd with Temple football coach Matt Rhule:

Freddie Booth-Lloyd

Not bad wheels for a kid that big, huh? Look at him slide!

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High school team wins on amazing inbound alley-oop (Video)

high-school-alley-oopThe inbound alley-oop is an incredibly challenging play to execute. When you attempt it at the high school level from half-court with two seconds remaining in a tie game, it’s almost impossible. SouthLake Christian Academy in North Carolina found a way.

With the score tied 59-59, senior center Andrew Howard got behind the defense and threw down an awesome one-handed dunk to give SLCA a 61-59 win over Hickory Grove. The play was perfectly executed and made its way onto SportsCenter.

We are no strangers to inbound alley-oops, but most of the time they happen when the pass comes from the baseline. These high schoolers can obviously ball.

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High school students chant ‘We want Slurpees’ at student who appeared to be Indian (Video)

We-Want-Slurpees-chantA group of students from Pittsford Southerland High School in New York embarrassed themselves during a basketball game last Friday night when they taunted an opposing player from Brighton High School who appeared to be of Indian decent. The students chanted “We Want Slurpees” while the opponent was at the free throw line, which is a reference to Indian-Americans owning 7-Eleven stores.

According to WROC 8, the Pittsford student who was leading the chant was removed from the game. The superintendents from both school regions released a joint statement on Monday regarding the incident.

“We were very disappointed to learn of this incident,” Brighton’s Kevin McGowan and Pittsford’s Mike Pero said. “We have been working with our colleagues in both districts throughout the weekend to address intolerant and unacceptable fan behavior. That work continues today. The students involved took full responsibility for their behavior, and attempts are being made to right this wrong between the students and to address the long- term learning that can arise from the disappointing behaviors of a few.”

The students who were responsible for the chant could face further disciplinary action from the school. The player who was taunted declined to comment.

Unfortunately, we see this type of stuff happen at all levels of sports. Last year, the Washington student section passed out flyers that encouraged students to taunt an opponent over his Iranian background. It’s just as uncalled for in high school as it is in college.

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Jayru Campbell in police custody after bodyslamming security guard (Video)

Jayru Campbell, a high school junior quarterback at Cass Tech in Detroit, may be in danger of losing his scholarship offer from Michigan State after being caught on video bodyslamming a security guard at school on Wednesday.

Word of the events from Wednesday began to spread over social media. A video purportedly showing Campbell bodyslamming the security guard was posted to Instagram and was widely shared. The video was later removed from Instagram, but it was uploaded to YouTube. One of his high school teammates discouraged fellow students from sharing details and media from the event on social media:

Though it’s nearly impossible to see who bodyslammed the security guard based on the video, multiple people have said it was Campbell. Campbell’s coach also confirmed to WXYZ that Campbell got in trouble at school on Wednesday, but the coach did not elaborate on the details.

Jayru Campbell

Click on Detroit says Campbell is in police custody.

According to Rivals, Campbell is a four-star recruit and third-best player in Michigan. He received scholarship offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin, in addition to MSU.

Campbell is suspended for the start of the 2014 season because he punched an opponent in the handshake line after a semifinal loss in the state playoffs in November. He was also suspended 3-5 days from school for that incident.

You can see Campbell pushed away from the handshake line around 40 seconds into this video and then getting pushed away and wrestled to the ground by his coaches:

Image: YouTube/Dzonevideo

High school basketball players suspended after school claims they flashed gang signs

Two high school basketball players from Sheboygan Falls (Wisc.) High School were suspended recently after they took a photo holding up what the school perceived to be gang signs. The problem, one of the students says, is that he was simply making a three-point gesture while his younger brother was pointing at the camera.

Brothers Jordan, Jamal and Juwan Jackson just moved to Sheboygan Falls, and a local newspaper was writing a feature story about their arrival. Jordan told 620 WTMJ in Wisconsin that the photographer asked them to take one serious photo and one goofy one. It was the goofy one that landed them in trouble.


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