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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Linda Cohn caught trash talking Brooklyn Nets on ESPN (Video)

ESPN anchor Linda Cohn was burned by a hot mic during an episode of “SportsCenter” on Thursday. Cohn must have been having a conversation off air about NBA free agency, because when the show re-joined and went live, she was caught on-air talking some trash about the Brookly Nets. “You know who hasn’t done a…Read More

ESPN denies censoring Keith Olbermann commentary

ESPN has issued a statement in response to a report saying they have censored Keith Olbermann’s commentary on his ESPN TV show “Olbermann.” In their response, ESPN PR says Olbermann has never been told any topic is off limits or that he has to dial down his commentary in order to be re-signed by the…Read More

Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd share awkward interview (Video)

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh joined ESPN’s Colin Cowherd for what appeared to be an innocent interview on Wednesday morning, but it could not have gone much worse. Harbaugh, who isn’t exactly the easiest guy to deal with, seemed to be on the defensive the entire time. He provided very little insight and stonewalled Cowherd on…Read More

Joe Buck explains why he quit Twitter

In addition to being one of the most successful broadcasters in sports history, Joe Buck is also one of the most heavily criticized. He has been accused of being a homer for every team in America, called every name in the book and probably told to kill himself or “eat a (blank)” thousands of times….Read More

Holly Sonders tells critics to ‘lighten up’

Holly Sonders was one of the more notable aspects of FOX’s coverage of the US Open. The former Golf Channel personality was hired by FOX Sports to be a part of the network’s expanding coverage, which included broadcasting the US Open this year. She received plenty of camera time throughout the tournament as the reporter…Read More

HBO in talks with Bill Simmons about ‘multipart deal’

Bill Simmons is the biggest free agent in the sports media world, and it sounds like he has a potential new deal on his hands. The Hollywood Reporter published an article Wednesday about HBO’s future plans, and one thing they mention is how the network is in talks with Simmons, who is done with ESPN….Read More

Jason Whitlock out as leader of ‘Black Grantland’

Jason Whitlock, who was hired by ESPN to head up, staff, and create a “Black Grantland,” has now been demoted from his position. ESPN announced Friday afternoon that Whitlock will no longer be running “The Undefeated.” Instead, Whitlock will be back to his usual role of writing/creating content. Leon Carter, who joined the site in…Read More

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