Jenny Dell joining NFL on CBS as sideline reporter


Former Boston Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell announced on Tuesday that she will be joining the NFL on CBS crew this upcoming football season.

Dell was reassigned by NESN earlier this year, presumably because of her relationship with Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks. After essentially being stuck on desk duty, she recently announced that she has decided to leave NESN. As we anticipated when NESN demoted her, Dell has found herself a more high-profile gig.

With CBS, Dell will be given much more national exposure. The Red Sox sideline reporter job for NESN has proven to be an excellent launching point for careers, with Heidi Watney, Tina Cervasio and Hazel Mae all going on to land great TV jobs after leaving NESN. We fully expect Dell to be an instant fan favorite.


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Dan Patrick shares his secrets for a good interview (Video)

Dan PatrickThis is part 3 of a 4-part video series we’re posting here at LBS going back to my trip to Milford, Conn., to visit “The Dan Patrick Show” thanks to Ram Trucks.

In this latest video, I explore the topics of interviews with DP. Dan is known for his ability to not only secure great interviews, but to get more out of his guests than the ordinary interviewer. In the video, Dan shares some of his keys to interviewing success.

What are some of those keys? Ask good questions, short questions, and make the interview about the subject.

In the video, Dan also brings up the Matt Harvey Qualcomm interview from last September. Follow that link to watch it if you missed it.

If you missed the other videos, please see below.

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Previously: Recapping my trip to ‘The Dan Patrick Show’

Dan Patrick discusses bold decision to leave ESPN (Video)

Dan PatrickLB went out to Milford, Conn., last month to visit “The Dan Patrick Show” and interview DP. One of the things we talked about during the interview was Dan’s big decision to leave ESPN.

Several years later, it’s obvious that Dan made the right decision. His radio show is syndicated nationally and has become a TV show carried by multiple networks, including DirecTV and NBC Sports. He’s also become one of the main faces on NBC’s “Football Night in America.” But at the time, the decision to leave ESPN where he had built such a huge name was a risky one.

In the interview conducted on behalf of Ram Trucks, I asked Dan if he ever doubted himself upon branching out from ESPN. He said that there were times he didn’t even know if they would make payroll. He also discussed when he knew the show would make it. You can watch it all in the video at the top.

Previously: Dan Patrick explains how he got his start with Adam Sandler
Previously: Recapping my trip to ‘The Dan Patrick Show’

FOX Sports 1 hires Adrian Wojnarowski to be TV NBA insider

Adrian WojnarowskiFOX Sports 1 made a huge addition to their network by hiring Adrian Wojnarowski to be their NBA insider.

Wojnarowski is the top NBA reporter in the country and frequently breaks news or shares exclusive information that can’t be found elsewhere. He gained notoriety writing for Yahoo! Sports and will continue to do so according to The Big Lead, which broke news of the hire. Woj’s work with FOX Sports 1 will be on TV as an insider. As TBL noted, this deal will be similar to the arrangement Sports Illustrated/Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King has with NBC Sports, where he’s able to write for one outlet and do TV work for another.

Though Woj will continue to break his news and write for Yahoo!, this is a strong hire for FOX Sports 1 and should enhance the “FOX Sports Live” program. This also is another sign that FOX Sports plans to get into the NBA business. Currently, ABC/ESPN and Turner are the networks that have national TV rights for the NBA. FOX Sports is trying to get into that as well to bring more live programming to the network.

Mike Evans does interview on Jim Rome ‘That started badly and ended badly’

Mike EvansFormer Texas A&M wide receiver and recent Tampa Bay Buccaneers first-round pick Mike Evans joined Jim Rome for a radio interview on Tuesday, and it did not go well.

Evans conducted the interview much like the same way a top college football program playing a small-time bowl game in December would: he so did not want to be there.

Evans repeatedly gave short answers, did not open up, and generally seemed annoyed that he had to do the interview. Rome worked hard to open Evans up and make him feel comfortable by varying his questions the entire way, but nothing he did seemed to work.

After doing the interview, Rome spent the next part of the show reviewing the interview like he usually does. He took a lot of listener feedback, and much of it was the same; the listeners all compared the interview to the one Ken Griffey Jr. did with Linda Cohn. It was that bad.

Rome’s final thoughts on it summed it all up: “that started badly and ended badly.”

Maybe we should give Evans a break and figure that he’s a rookie with the media, too. Maybe he hasn’t done too many interviews, so you figure he’ll get better over time.

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Dan Patrick got his start with Adam Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann error

Dan Patrick Just Go With ItAs you well know, last month LB went out to Milford, Conn., for a trip to “The Dan Patrick Show” to interview Dan Patrick as part of a collaboration with Ram Trucks. We solicited questions from you here on the site, on Facebook and Twitter to ask Dan during the interview.

One of the popular questions was how Patrick’s relationship with Adam Sandler came about. Patrick has had significant roles in numerous Sandler movies over the past 10 years, so we wanted to know how it all happened.

We came to find out that Patrick got his start with Sandler thanks to Keith Olbermann. Watch the video above to learn the full story.

We’ll be rolling out videos all week from the interview, so make sure you check back each day this week for new ones!

Mark Jackson rejoins ESPN as broadcaster

Mark JacksonLess than two weeks after being fired as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson has already found a new job. Well, to be fair, it’s his old job.

ESPN announced Saturday that Jackson has signed a deal to serve as a broadcaster for the network and return to his previous role. Prior to being hired by Golden State, Jackson was part of the main NBA announcing team along with Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen. The trio will be back in action beginning Sunday calling the conference finals and NBA Finals:

Does this mean Jackson is out of the running for NBA coaching jobs? Probably not. He can broadcast for the rest of the playoffs and then look into coaching gigs if he wants. It will just be weird hearing him broadcast games when he was just coaching them a few weeks ago.