Clippers unveiling ‘A Tribe Called Bench’ shirts; Phife Dawg wants one


The Los Angeles Clippers are one of the top teams in the NBA, and if the shirt above is any indication, they also have some of the best team morale.

According to ESPN LA’s Arash Markazi, the Clippers will be debuting these “A Tribe Called Bench” shirts on Christmas Day. The shirt’s slogan is a play on the name of the famous hip-hop group “A Tribe Called Quest” (LB’s favorite group of all time), which has become the nickname for the team’s second unit.

The shirt features the mugs of the team’s bench players. From top-to-bottom, left-to-right, pictured are: Lamar Odom, Ryan Hollins, Grant Hill, Trey Thompkins, Ronny Turiaf, Jamal Crawford, Eric Bledsoe, Willie Green, and Matt Barnes.

Markazi wrote an article on Dec. 9 explaining how the “A Tribe Called Bench” nickname came about. The short version is people decided the bench needed a nickname, and someone on Twitter suggested that one.

We’ve actually been down this road many times before. Almost every time a team’s bench unit begins playing well, it acquires the nickname “The Bench Mob.” The Basketball Jones had a rundown on this tired trend. Last season, the Knicks’ bench was named “Mobb Deep.” At least this Clippers’ nickname is original.

The best part about the shirt is that Phife Dawg, one of the group’s rappers, told Markazi he wanted one of the shirts. I’ve got an idea for a trade, Phife: Clippers give you a box of shirts, and you come to LA and perform for all the Tribe fans at Staples Center. Deal?

Photo credit: Arash Markazi

Raptors F Amir Johnson has his own face on his shoes (Picture)

The sneakers you see above belong to Toronto Raptors forward Amir Johnson. He wore them in his team’s opener against the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night. The face you see on those sneakers also belongs to Amir Johnson.

It takes a certain type of person to want their own face looking back at them when they look down at their feet, but to each his own. LeBron James was wearing some crazy kicks with some personalized inscriptions on them when the Miami Heat kicked off their season, but I don’t think even he would have the stones to put his own face on his sneakers. Johnson proudly shared a picture of the shoes on Twitter before Wednesday’s game, so I guess you can say he has swag. Good for him.

H/T The Basketball Jones via Eye on Basketball

LeBron James wearing gold shoes for season opener against Celtics (Pictures)

With the Miami Heat set to receive their NBA championship rings before tipping off the season against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night, you had to know LeBron James would have some special swag in store for the occasion. LeBron will be rocking some gold-themed Nike LeBron X sneakers — you know, the same shoes King James has found himself defending because of the insane price tag associated with them.

My guess is these ones cost a bit more.

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Bryce Harper geeked to get RG3 socks

Count Bryce Harper as the latest member of the Robert Griffin III fan club.

The Washington Nationals phenom tweeted at the Redskins quarterback on Tuesday night to express his admiration and support for the rookie:

Harper wasn’t even joking when he said he needed to get some RG3 socks. The Nationals outfielder spent hours roadraging in Las Vegas traffic just to get a few pairs. At least he did get the socks:

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Morris Claiborne supposedly bought his parents this Cowboys-themed car (Picture)

Morris Claiborne was one of the reasons the Cowboys surprised the defending Super Bowl champs on Wednesday night, as he helped shut down New York’s talented receiving duo of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. The No. 6 overall pick is expected to be one of the keys to an improved Dallas defense this season, but we may not have expected him to give his parents the keys to a sweet Dodge Challenger with a Cowboys paint job.

According to Busted Coverage, the photo you see above was sent in by someone who lives in Claiborne’s hometown of Shreveport, La. We tend to believe Claiborne bought the car for his parents, because it’s either that or there is someone out there who is just way too big of a Claiborne fan.

For those of you are thinking this is how NFL rookies wind up filing for bankruptcy, the former LSU standout can spare it. Challengers aren’t all that expensive, and his rookie deal is worth a modest $16.26 million. When he gets into Floyd Mayweather territory and starts buying cars like this one, then we can start making fun of him.

Kansas City fan Steve Graham has a Chiefs glass eye (Picture)

Steve Graham is a 58-year-old Chiefs fan who lost his eye in a dart accident when he was 13 years old. If that sounds like an awful way to lose an eye, I’m sure it is. Not that there could ever be a good way to lose an eye, but I can think of a few that would be less traumatizing than ones that involve a dart. According to the Chiefs fan blog Arrowhead Addict, Graham has been a die-hard fan ever since he watched the Chiefs win the Super Bowl in 1969 — two years after his accident.

The glass you eye you see him sporting above is simply Graham’s game day attire. He says his doctor recommended the design so he can make it part of his Sunday best, but that he has two other artificial eyes that match his left eye as to not freak people out. If it were me, I’d wear it all the time. You think getting a tribute tattoo like this one or this one makes you a huge fan? Trying wearing your team’s favorite logo in your eye.

H/T Deadspin

Fan wins Dwyane Wade autographed shoes at Michael Jordan’s camp; Wade tells him signature is fake (Picture)

Some lucky fan recently won a pair of sneakers that were autographed by Dwyane Wade at Michael Jordan’s basketball camp. Or, so he thought. The photo that you see above was shared by Twitter user @Karimelkhatib with an accompanying tweet that read, “Won @DwyaneWade signed shoes at Michael Jordan’s flight school.” Unfortunately, D-Wade himself had to break some very bad news to Mr. Khatib.

“That’s cool,” Wade replied with a tweet of his own. “If only (that) was my real signature.”

And cue the buzz kill. Not sure how this could have happened, but I can’t see why Wade would lie about it. Even if he didn’t remember signing the shoes, everyone can tell what their own signature looks like. I’d hate to be the recipient of the sneakers at the moment you realize this Justin Bieber card will always be worth more than your new collector’s item. Hopefully D-Wade does the right thing and sends him something with a real autograph on it. It’s not Khatib’s fault that Air Jordan’s camp gave him the shaft.