Petra Kvitova asked terrible question at Wimbledon press conference

Petra KvitovaPetra Kvitova had a day off in between winning her semifinals match at Wimbledon and playing in the finals, so you know what that means: she had to deal with questions from the media.

Dealing with the extra press, pressure and attention is part of what makes reaching a finals such a big deal and difficult prospect. Luckily for Kvitova, she’s been there before, so she knows how to handle the tough questions. And even the ridiculous ones.

During her news conference on Friday, Kvitova had to deal with this type of nonsense from reporters.

Here’s the exchange via TSN reporter Mark Masters:

Q. Are you going to go into this match with the attitude of win or lose it’s an experience for me, or you have to win?

Kvitova: I want to win, yes. That’s easy.

Q. If you lose, what will happen? Will you take it as an experience? Will you kill yourself?

Kvitova: “No, I will not kill myself, definitely.

I’m just going to go ahead and hope that something was lost in translation there, because that reads like a terrible exchange. And there has to be a better way of wording that first question. I get what the reporter was getting at — they wanted to know if she had the “just happy to be here” mentality, but they didn’t ask it properly. And then asking “will you kill yourself?” Ugh. The worst, even if they meant beat yourself up over it.

I feel badly for the players that they have to put up with this crap.

Serena Williams still appears to be sick with bug

Serena Williams blanket

Serena Williams has really been milking this whole illness from Wimbledon.

Serena withdrew from her second-round doubles match on Tuesday because she was overall not well. She said she was sick with a “bug,” but few bought that explanation. She was completely messed up and uncoordinated during the match.

A day later, she posted a photo on Instagram showing that she was still in complete recovery mode.

Then on July 4, Serena posted another photo on Instagram. Once again, she was wrapped in her magenta blanket.

Alright, Serena, we get that you’re still sick. But what’s the illness? Are you just going to throw out the blanket for sympathy, or are you going to let people know what’s bothering you? And what about those rumors that you are pregnant?

Novak Djokovic vs. Roger Federer rivalry head-to-head match history

Roger Federer Novak DjokovicNovak Djokovic and Roger Federer have both reached the finals at Wimbledon and will be facing each other Sunday to mark their 35th time playing against each other.

Djokovic is the top seed and was a favorite to win the entire tournament, so reaching the finals is no surprise. Federer, who turns 33 next month, was seeded fourth and lost in the fourth round of two of the last three majors. Making the finals is pretty impressive. The last time he reached a major final was two years ago at Wimbledon.

Based on his history against Nole and at Wimbledon, you have to give Federer a shot at winning. Roger has won more titles at Wimbledon than anywhere else and has gone 7-for-8 in the finals at the All England Club.

Let’s take a look at the head-to-head match history in this rivalry between the players.

Federer leads the series 18-16 in their 34 meetings. He has gone 6-5 against Djokovic in majors.

The last time they met was in the semifinals at Monte Carlo this year. Federer won that match 7-5, 6-2, though Djokovic had his wrist heavily taped and was playing through an injury. That was nearly three months ago, and Djokovic’s wrist seems to be fine since then.

Though they have played 34 times, the only occasion they met on grass courts came two years ago at Wimbledon when Roger won the tournament. Federer won their semifinals match in four sets pretty easily, 6-3, 3-6, 6-0, 6-3.

One aspect of each players’ game that has been pretty notable at Wimbledon is how much they’re coming into the net. Roger isn’t a straight serve-and-volley guy, but he tends to follow that style at Wimbledon pretty often. He came into the net 32 times in his semifinal win over Milos Raonic and won a devastating 75 percent of those points. He also played mistake-free tennis and only committed 11 unforced errors. Though Roger liked coming into the net at Wimbledon anyways, you have to figure the influence of new coach Stefan Edberg, a former serve-and-volleyer, has played a role in that.

The same can be said for Djokovic, who typically plays from the baseline. Nole came into the net an absurd 47 times in his four-set win over Grigor Dimitrov in the semifinals. He won 57 percent of those points, which isn’t nearly as high as Federer’s success rate at the net. His determination to come into the net in an attempt to end points early is likely due to the influence of his new coach, Boris Becker. Like Edberg, Becker came from a similar era and dominated Wimbledon with his game at the net. His influence has definitely been seen throughout the tournament.

There is a ton at stake for both players.

Federer is looking for his 18 career grand slam singles title. He’s looking for his eighth Wimbledon title, which would snap a tie with Pete Sampras and give him the sole record.

Djokovic is hoping to win his seventh grand slam singles title and second Wimbledon. He also wants to turn around his fate in the finals of grand slams; he’s lost his last three grand slam finals — two to Rafael Nadal, and one to Andy Murray.

Though Wimbledon is Federer’s tournament and he has been playing well, we’re giving Nole the edge.

Genie Bouchard off the Justin Bieber train because of his bad image

Genie Bouchard Wimbledon

Genie Bouchard best run at a major came in January and also happened to coincide with the time she first gained recognition among sports fans.

The young Canadian star reached the semifinals of the Australian Open earlier this year and also made headlines for saying she’d like to date Justin Bieber when pressed about her celebrity crush. After reaching the finals at Wimbledon Thursday, Bouchard was asked whether there’s been any progress on the Bieber front.

“I hope so,” Bouchard said when asked if her efforts have gotten her noticed by Bieber. “I’m putting in so much hard work. I want to see this hard work rewarded.”

The media continued to press Bouchard on the subject. She said they haven’t been in touch … and she’s also not sure if they should be.

“And he’s kind of been in trouble recently. I’m not associated with that at the moment,” she said with a laugh. “But if he cleans up his image maybe …”

Wait, so you’re saying there’s still a chance for it to happen? Bouchard definitely seems to have her head on straight, so I don’t think Bieber fits into that picture unless she decides to take the Jennifer Capriati career path. In other words, yeah, she’s too good for the Biebs. Then again, don’t all young girls love a bad boy?

Serena Williams pregnant rumor circulates after bizarre Wimbledon exit

Serena WilliamsRumors that Serena Williams is pregnant have begun to circulate ever since the tennis star retired from her doubles match on Tuesday.

Williams retired from her second-round doubles match with her sister Venus after falling behind 3-0 in the first set. She appeared wobbly when she walked out onto the court, was barely able to serve or control the ball, and she didn’t appear to have any coordination. About the only way to describe it is to say she looked like she was totally wasted.

[Watch Serena's bizarre behavior at Wimbledon]

Williams later ascribed her performance/problems to a “bug,” but few were buying that explanation. Now a very tantalizing explanation has hit a German tabloid.

German paper Bild says the rumor around London is that Serena is pregnant by her coach and boyfriend, Patrick Mouratoglou. Don’t expect Serena to confirm such a thing; she denied she was dating Mouratoglu for a long while before it was finally confirmed. The two were rumored to be dating going back two years ago.

As for the pregnancy rumor, well, it seems more like a theory and gossip item rather than a report based on journalistic investigation. Bild shares very little supporting information about the rumor aside from saying it was the talk around London. However, in its story on Serena’s exit, the Daily Mail in London says nothing about the pregnancy rumor, but does mention Mouratoglu heavily, as if to imply something may be up with them.

While we don’t put a ton of stock into this rumor (yet), it certainly is worth keeping in mind as an explanation. And we might actually find out in the coming months whether it’s actually true.

Although it seems like she has been playing forever, Serena Williams is still 32 years old and one of the top tennis players in the world. She’s had boyfriends throughout her career, but never any children. She’s also had a shaky year and not made it past the fourth round of any the majors, though she was bothered by a back injury at the Australian Open.

Also see: Serena discusses relationship with Patrick Mouratoglu

H/T Gossip Extra via Black Sports Online

Jim Parsons at Eugenie Bouchard’s Wimbledon matches – they’re friends

Eugenie Bouchard Jim Parsons

Eugenie Bouchard has a celebrity fan who is probably cooler than most tennis players’ fans.

The emerging Canadian tennis star is friends with actor Jim Parsons, who is best known for playing Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory.” The actor even spent time at Wimbledon watching her play.

In a recent feature for New York Magazine, Parsons says the two came in touch because Bouchard is a fan of his show. They began emailing after her matches and have developed a pen pals sort of relationship.

“She played her first professional Wimbledon last year, and her manager contacted my manager, and apparently she watches Big Bang, and he knew I was a fan of tennis and he said, ‘Is there any chance Jim could come to Wimbledon? He could sit in the players’ box with us,’ ” Parsons recalled of the friendship during an interview with ESPN.

Parsons has been at Wimbledon for over a week watching Bouchard play and has even sat in her box for her matches.

“It was really beyond my expectations the chance to sit in the player’s box. She is a cold-hearted killer out there,” Parsons said.

The 20-year-old has reached the finals of the tournament, meaning Parsons’ stay at the All England Club has probably gone longer than he anticipated. Parsons shouldn’t mind; not only is he on vacation, but he enjoys sports. He describes himself as a sports fan who watches the Rockets, plays fantasy football and loves watching the Masters golf tournament.

While taking in Wimbledon, Parsons has been living it up. He took selfies with Chris Evert and Hannah Storm:

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Nick Kyrgios hits tweener winner against Rafael Nadal (Video)

Nick Kyrgios tweener19-year-old Australian Nick Kyrgios beat No. 2 seed Rafael Nadal in the fourth round at Wimbledon Tuesday, and shots like this one proved that things were going his way.

After taking the first set 7-6, Nadal was serving at 3-3 in the second and up 40-0 when he caught Kyrgios on the run. After trying to hit behind Kyrgios, the Australian hit the breaks and went between his legs for a sick tweener winner.

Nadal won the set 7-5, but Kyrgios won the next two to take the match.