Roger Federer wants Rafael Nadal called for time violations

Roger Federer racketRoger Federer believes the rules should be applied equally to all players when it comes to time violations, and that includes Rafael Nadal.

Federer talked last week about the time rules at Wimbledon and had a response when informed that Nadal was averaging 25 seconds in between points during a match Thursday against Lukas Rosol. At grand slam events, only 20 seconds are allowed.

“You cannot take 25 seconds. I mean, I know you need to focus. That you can do in 10 seconds,” said Federer, who has had an issue for years with Nadal taking so long between points. “It just can’t be that we only see two points per minute. Of course you need to give leeway [after] tough rallies and to somebody who needs a bit more time. I’m fine with that. I watched some matches, I don’t remember who it was, but they were playing so slow I was like, OK, I really can’t watch it. It’s going too slow for me.”

Nadal responded to Federer’s comments.

“It comes a time when this little song gets everyone tired. There is an umpire, let’s let him take those decisions, that’s what he is there for. People should stop coming to press conferences always repeating the same things.”

He then turned the tables onto Novak Djokovic.

“Also, I don’t think I am the only one violating the rule,” continued Nadal via Tennis World. “Novak Djokovic too has been warned many times. Actually I think he has been told off many more times than I did.”

Nothing like deflecting the attention from yourself by redirecting it to someone else.

Though rules are rules, I feel like this is something minor, especially if a player is only doing it once in a while. But if they’re consistently violating it and taking excessive amounts of time, then it’s a problem. Keep in mind that for other events, the time limit is 25, so that’s what these players are used to. I think it’s tough to expect them to break their habits just for grand slams.

Novak Djokovic smokes incredible return on match point to beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (Video)

Novak Djokovic hit an absolute rocket of a return on match point at Wimbledon Monday to beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in their fourth-round match, and he celebrated like a total boss.

Djokovic was leading 6-5 in a third-set tiebreak with Tsonga serving at ad court. Tsonga stretched Nole out wide with a serve that kicked up to the backhand, and Djokovic reached for it and shot an absolute laser cross-court for the winner. Djokovic then stood with his arms out wide in an Incredible Hulk type pose as he celebrated his victory, but his celebration was premature.

Novak Djokovic celebration

One of the linesmen called the ball in but was overruled by the chair umpire, who called it out. Believing that his shot hit the line, Djokovic challenged. The Hawkeye replay showed the shot clearly caught the line, allowing Nole to celebrate his straight sets victory.

Djokovic will face Marin Cilic in the quarterfinals and appears to be headed for a clash with Andy Murray in the semis. That backhand return is just another reminder of what makes Nole one of the best returners in the game and one of the best since Andre Agassi.

Tip via LBS contributor Gene

Alison Riske sends great David Beckham tweet after losing match at Wimbledon

David Beckham Wimbledon

Alison Riske lost to Maria Sharapova in the third round at Wimbledon Saturday 6-3, 6-0, but at least she scored a victory with a great tweet she sent shortly after her defeat.

David Beckham was in the Queen’s box to watch the match on Centre Court at the All England Club, and that did not go unnoticed by Riske, who tweeted the following:

No doubt about it, Riske. At least her head is in the right place.

Novak Djokovic avoids serious shoulder injury after scare following dive (Video)

Novak Djokovic shoulder

Novak Djokovic was worried he had dislocated his shoulder after landing on it while diving for a ball during his third round match at Wimbledon Friday, but luckily he avoided any serious injury.

Djokovic was up two sets and leading 3-2 in the third set when he was wrong-footed by Gilles Simon and slipped trying to reverse direction while going for the ball. Instead of letting the ball go for a winner, Djokovic tried to dive for it to make the save. He ended up hurting his left shoulder in the process, but everything turned out to be fine.

Djokovic recovered to win the third 6-4 and won the match in straight sets. He even was joking in his post-match news conference.

“Talked with Boris and we obviously need to work on my diving volleys and learning how to fall down,” Djokovic joked of his coach who was famous for diving for volleys at Wimbledon. “I’m not very skillful in that, so I tried to land on my left arm, so I basically had a strong impact on the shoulder. When I stood up, I felt that clay court pop or whatever you call it. I feared that it might be a dislocated shoulder or something like that.

“But no damage significant that can cause big problems. I just came from the doctor’s office and ultrasound, and it’s all looking good.”

That’s great news for Nole. The not so good news is that he has a challenge in the fourth round in the form of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. That guy is always dangerous.

Video of the play is below:

Novak Djokovic concedes point to Radek Stepanek after challenge instead of replaying (Video)

Novak Djokovic had an impressive show of sportsmanship during his second-round match against Radek Stepanek at Wimbledon on Wednesday.

Djokovic had the advantage and was serving to go up 6-5 in the fourth set of their match. Stepanek hit a shot that clipped the baseline, and Djokovic returned it into the net. Stepanek’s shot was called out, so he requested a challenge.

The challenge showed that the ball touched the line and was therefore in, so the chair umpire wanted the two to replay the point. Stepanek thought he should get credit for the point since Djokovic’s return went into the net, but the umpire’s judgment would dictate a full replay since Djokovic’s return could theoretically have been influenced by the out call.
Novak Djokovic Radek Stepanek
Instead of replaying the point, Djokovic conceded it to Stepanek. Nole went on to win the set 7-6 in a tiebreak to capture the match.

He and Stepanek are good friends off the court and even practiced with each other a week earlier. Stepanek sent this tweet hours after losing:

Their friendship probably was a big reason why Djokovic decided to concede the point. At least he was rewarded for his good sportsmanship.

Video via Business Insider
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Alison Van Uytvanck drops F-bomb after umpire screws her with time violation

Alison Van Uytvanck serve

Belgian tennis player Alison Van Uytvanck lost to Dominika Cibulkova 3-6, 6-3, 8-6 in the second round at Wimbledon Wednesday, and a terrible penalty called by the chair umpire really hurt her chances of winning the match.

Van Uytanck was serving up 5-3 in the third set. She had just won a point to make it deuce, and the chair umpire called a time violation on her as she was preparing to serve. The umpire’s decision to call the time violation took away Van Uytvanck’s first serve and forced her to hit a second serve. She spun in a weak serve and Cibulkova pulverized the return up the line to win the point and get the advantage. Cibulkova won the next point to make it 4-5 in the third, then she held serve to make it 5-5. Cibulkova eventually won the set 8-6 to give her the match.

ESPN went to a commercial after the game ended, but when they returned, the announcers said Van Uytvanck dropped an F-bomb after losing the game. Tennis writer Chris Goldsmith says Van Uytvanck also threw her racquet:

I just can’t believe an umpire would choose to call that violation at that time in the match, especially considering that Van Uytanck was readying to serve. It’s not like she was just hanging out behind the baseline toweling off and taking her sweet time as she rested and planned out her next point. She was just about to serve when the violation was called. Just terrible timing.

Feliciano Lopez putting the moves on Caroline Wozniacki?

Caroline Wozniacki Feliciano Lopez

Caroline Wozniacki recently became single again and it looks like she already has a suitor.

According to a few reports, Spanish tennis player Feliciano Lopez has been attending some of the Danish player’s matches lately, sparking speculation that he may be romantically interested in her.

The line of conversation began at Wimbledon, where Woz was asked whether she would turn to online dating.

“I think I’m not that desperate,” Wozniacki said. “To be honest, you know, I’ll just see what happens. I’m perfectly fine being single at the moment.

“It’s pretty hard to sweep me off my feet. It would have to take someone very special. You know, you never know. I guess when you least expect it, it’s going to come.”

A reporter pointed out that Lopez was watching Woz’s first-round match at Wimbledon.

“You noticed?” she asked the reporter in response.

Then it was pointed out that Lopez has a relationship with her dad.

“He’s already making his way in through my dad? I noticed he was on the sidelines in Eastbourne. No, he’s a great guy. Playing well. This is very awkward.”

After Rory McIlroy broke up with her last month, Caroline could do much worse than coupling up with Lopez. Keep in mind that Andy Murray’s mother had (has?) a crush on him and nicknamed him “Deliciano” Lopez. He’s a pretty desirable guy.