Alamo Dome Seats Ripped Fans Off

I remember looking at the photos online when I was getting prepared to purchase my Final Four tickets for the trip I wound up not taking. I automatically ruled out certain sections based on the charts I saw. Now I know why. We have visual photo evidence from Sports by Brooks depicting how horrible some of the seats were:

When players are beginning to resemble a farm of fire ants more than the physically imposing specimen they really are, you know things are bad. Typically I say you have to be there when your team wins a championship. In this case, watching on 15″ kitchen TV would be an unequivocal improvement. I’d like to see some of the representatives from the Alamo Dome actually take a hike to section 330 and truly tell me tickets should be sold for that section. Now you know why the attendance was over 43,000. What a disgusting ripoff.

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  • JS

    Larry, is it the fault of the NCAA for selling those seats or the fans for buying them?

    I will admit, though, I would be willing to sit right behind a post and crane my neck all game to see a World Series game at Wrigley.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s a tough call, but I really don’t think they have any business selling those tickets. They should close the curtains a couple of aisles closer to the court and if that drives prices up slightly, so be it. At least fans know that they’re getting a decent seat for dishing out that much cash.