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Friday, May 25, 2018

Pat Knight goes on epic rant, calls seniors the worst he’s ever coached (Video)

Like father, like son. You can’t call one particular group of players out any harder than Pat Knight called out his seniors this week. As you can see from the rant above, the Lamar University head coach is disgusted with the way his upperclassmen have performed this year. If you don’t feel like watching all eight minutes — and I recommend you do — here are some of the best snippets from the press conference, courtesy of Lost Letterman:

-“I’m unhappy with these seniors, that’s what I’m unhappy with, it has nothing to do with X’s and O’s. We’ve got the worst group of seniors that I’ve ever been associated with.”

-“We’ve had problems with these guys off the court, on the court, classroom, drugs, I mean, being late for stuff, all that stuff correlates together if you’re going to win games.”

-“When I played, if you acted like some of these guys did, you got shoved in a locker with a forearm against your neck and told, ‘You don’t do that. That’s not how we do things here at Indiana.’ And that’s what we need.”

-“I feel sorry for this school. I mean these kids are stealing money by being on scholarship with their approach to things.”

Is there any question that Pat is related to Bob? Like his old man, Pat wears his heart on his sleeve. We saw it when he went nuts on the officials during the Nebraska game a couple years ago and we can see it with his spaz out on his seniors. As for the team, I’d be surprised if the players responded to criticism that is that severe. When your coach says those types of things about you, you can pretty much accept the fact that the ship has sailed.

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