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Monday, May 21, 2018

Western Kentucky Coach Ken McDonald Reimburses Fans for Blowout Road Loss

Western Kentucky is 5-7 on the season and has lost six of its last eight games, including a 114-82 blowout home loss Wednesday night against Louisville. Nobody is satisfied with the team’s play, especially coach Ken McDonald, who has taken actions to personally apologize to fans.

According to Rick Bozich, McDonald sent an apology letter to about 20 fans who were sitting behind the Western Kentucky bench for their road game at Vanderbilt a few weeks ago. The team lost the game 82-62 and committed 21 turnovers, a performance so poor it motivated McDonald to go out of his way to make a move.

He sent each fan $60 to compensate their mileage costs for driving to Nashville for the game. Apparently the fans have as good character as the coach and none have cashed the checks, saying they know teams can have bad games.

It’s certainly a nice gesture by coach McDonald (though it has nothing on this guy) and probably one he learned from Chip Kelly, but it’s nonetheless pretty cool. Can you just imagine if all teams enacted a similar policy? It would build up some goodwill with the fans but in the case of teams like the Clippers it could bankrupt the coach. Where’s Chris Marcus and Courtney Lee when you need them?

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